Google’s March Core Algorithm Update

Google algorithms are a complex way that is used to deliver the best possible answers to queries that have been searched via search engines. Once a search command has been given, these engines use these algorithms and other signals to display relevant websites on the result page.

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A few years ago, Google used to only make a couple of system algorithm updates. Right now, there are thousands of algorithm updates that Google makes annually. These updates often go unnoticed because they are very minor. However, once in a while, Google does major algorithmic updates that largely affect SERPS.

One such major algorithm update was done this month (March 2019); the broad core search algorithm update nicknamed “Florida 2.” Google has reported that this is one of their biggest updates in a couple of years. These broad core updates aid in improving Google’s algorithms so that they better comprehend user search queries and respond by giving more accurate matches enhancing customer satisfaction. It focuses on making sure websites produce great and relevant content.

Right now, it is a bit challenging to know which specific websites were most affected. They state that Google was targeting a specific industry such as the medical industry. Google has refuted these claims and firmly stated that it was not targeting any particular signals or niches.

In this particular update, a vast number of individuals state that it is a rollback. A research done by Sistrix’s data, states that 75% of the website that will now be ranked high in SEO, were websites that were ranked lower in previous updates done in the year 2018. This reason alone is enough to get people stating that it is a major rollback, which is not the case.

Many have also argued that the update was minor. Websites that lost their high rakings during this core algorithm update have not reported a major loss of traffic to their websites. Loss of traffic to these websites that are associated with the lower rankings is not as significant as if the loss would have been because of other critical ranking criteria.

The biggest losers to this Google’s core algorithmic update are losers that were hit by previous core updates that were done in the 2000s.

Google has not yet stated what was put into consideration when coming up with this update. They have also stated that there is nothing that websites that were ranked lower could do in order to rank high but only to continue publishing great content. Over time, your content is what will rank higher in search engines. The relevance of the content they produce is what is crucial.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, right now, it is still too early to reach conclusions as to what Google’s March core algorithm update is all about. In the past, Google has come out and revealed the details of past algorithms. I hope that in the near future, they will decide to reveal what really changed in this core update.

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