Google Pushes Late-September Algorithm Update

Google regularly performs an algorithm update to improve search results by providing the most relevant information as output. The most recent update came at the end of September, although it was a minor update. These updates are done by the Google experts and may affect significantly the search index leading to unusual results or ranking of some websites. A core update was performed in August which saw many sites hit by the changes in the SEO outcomes.

Google’s algorithm update

Google for a long time has been performing algorithm updates, search index changes and refreshes on their search engine. This process is aimed at outputting the most relevant information to users that match the inputted keywords. Keywords do not need to be exact for this case because the search engine can guess the closest word and that is what the update is all about. It is essential that it occurs otherwise we would be getting irrelevant results for every online search we make.

Effects of the update

Reports from various websites indicate that the update had negative impacts on the ranking of the sites in Google search. The reports indicate that traffic that used to be directed to their sites has dropped significantly making them rank very low in a Google search. The effect did not affect specific themes according to the niches the websites belonged. Google’s expert monitoring the trends report that most sites either surge or drop as a result of the algorithm update.

Sites recording a surge

The sites in the less competitive niches are the few lucky ones at this moment of crisis. This surge could be attributed to the fact that they have fewer competitors and whenever a search is done, they always appear on top of the list when a keyword matches the SEO algorithm. On the other hand, sites that are in competitive niches like online gaming, E-commerce and coupons face a lot of effects from the update and may take some time to recover.

Recovering from the update

Recovering from the update may take time before results get back to how they were before the update. As explained by the expert concerned with the changes, the main aim was getting the users relevant and honest information for their queries. Most of the sites affected either share content with other sites or contain less relevant information than their competitors. The only way out of this is by updating the content to show relevancy so that they can be detected by Google.

Advice to site owners

Site owners are advised to make the changes provided in the recovery section and wait for some time before Google can process them. It may take a few months for that to happen but once done future update would not have significant effects on the sites anymore. Since the update, that time has been so limited that the search engine has not indexed the existing millions of web pages and that is why we have to give it some time for it to complete the process.

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