Google Search Algorithm Broad Core Update is Rolling Out in August

It looks like this is the biggest Google search update yet. Google confirmed an update for the search algorithm last Monday. This means sites might have their rankings improved, and some might see their rankings drop to a negative or to even a zero. As a SEO Warrington Agency we find it important to keep up to date with these updates.

Google updated on Twitter that they have released the broad core algorithm update last Monday. Google also stated that the algorithm will continually update all throughout the year. This will also heavily reference the past core update. The announcement of this update is important because it extinguishes many of the phantom update speculations.

What Is A Core Update?

However what exactly is a broad core update? This kind of update is not exactly the same Google updates you see every day. This type of update happens several times a day. It will focus on having better search results. The update is also focused on the content. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is about quality. Though, up till now, Google still has not stated any clear specifications or has clarified about any of the improvements that they are going to implement.

Google has made it clear that there are several core updates every year. As a result. it might cause the rankings to drop for some sites. Plus, there will not be anything these sites can do to tweak their rankings on these updates. The only tip Google can give is to continuously improve the quality of the sites in order to have better rankings in the next updates. Site owners might also have to heavily rely on SEO services like the SEO Warrington to help them address this issue.

Will I Be Affected?

Those that were rewarded in the previous updates will reap benefits from the current updates as well. Google has stated that they will be releasing updates per day to improve search results. Some updates may be focused on improvements while some have a broader focus. They also stated that a broad core update is done routinely per year.

Should I Be Worried?

Though some sites might see their rankings dropping, there is nothing wrong with it. Instead, site owners or companies who are under-rewarded can take advantage of these updates as well. Google also issued the reminder that there are no fixed pages where sites can directly increase their rankings. Rather, you can make use of SEO services from companies like SEO Warrington or make better web content.

What Should I Do?

It is also important for sites to continuously check their rankings. Furthermore, analytics can definitely help site owners understand the update better. Some have speculated that it also has a huge impact on health, medical, and local sites, as well.

Who Else Is Affected?

Although the algorithm update is similar to the previous ones, its scale is much larger. In fact, there are about 665 updates done by Google per year. It is also incorrect for SEO companies to think that the update will focus on sites that are lower in rank or quality. The algorithm’s goal is to provide better answers to queries. Many of the sites are also anticipating more information about the update.

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