Google Shortens Meta Descriptions Again

The internet is ever-improving and ever-changing. It is almost fickle in how quickly it flits from one thing to the other. What we, the local Warrington SEO Agency, are talking about specifically in this article are meta descriptions. As a true testament to this statement, meta descriptions have once again been shortened.

It is true that meta descriptions were modified by tech-giant and internet trendsetter, Google, to become longer just a few months ago. However, they recently changed once again and made these shorter. And, what Google says the internet does. This is just the way SEO works.

Although this may be confusing for some, it is definitely a change that cannot be avoided. The internet is constantly changing, and anyone who wants to stay in the ballgame has to play ball and adjust and change with it.

Let us go more into detail and explore the specifics. What exactly does this change mean? Since it affects so many parties, from everyday internet users to SEO companies such as Warrington SEO, we must delve in deeper to better understand what effects this change has exactly.

From shorter to longer, and back to shorter again

Meta descriptions are those little snippets of information tacked onto articles and links that come up after you type something into your Google search bar. As the manager of this wildly popular search engine, Google controls how meta descriptions work. Recently, they made the decision to change long meta descriptions (to be more exact, about 320 character descriptions) to become shorter again (specifically, these new rules in place mandate meta descriptions to be around 150 and 170).

What this means exactly is that links with shorter meta descriptions will pop up more easily and be more widely visible for Google users compared to those with longer meta descriptions.

Although Google states that there is no fixed word count for meta descriptions and that the system works to find links that are best suited and most fitting to what users need, they have, indeed, confirmed that these little blurbs of information are now “shorter than average than in recent weeks”.

What this means for you

This should be no cause for you to panic. However, Warrington SEO can offer you this little piece of advice: if you have written your meta description and it is longer than 155 characters, it will do you a whole lot of good to make it shorter. Of course, you want your meta descriptions to accurately represent your article – if Google cuts it off in the middle of the sentence, that does not help you at all.

Rewrite your meta descriptions that can be classified as a little lengthier than average. This way, you can adjust appropriately to the new system that Google has put in place, and you can also help yourself.

If they ever decide to change it again, you must change with them again and again.

What this means for Warrington SEO

Warrington SEO is not only an affordable choice for search engine optimisation. They offer top quality marketing services for businesses to consider if they are looking to market their product and increase their ranking in web pages. This SEO expert adjusts to your needs and to these constant changes appropriately and quickly, changing meta description lengths and following the rules set by Google in order to help you. Hopefully, Google will not change its mind again any time soon.

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