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Graphic Design Tips and Tricks

I wanted to share some of my favourite graphic design tips and tricks to help anyone who is struggling become a better graphic designer.

Mood Boards

The most important thing by far is to have a good idea when designing as you can’t build a great house if you don’t have a good foundation. Create a mood board of images, we are visual so having a collection of images to look at helps inspire new and interesting ideas. I find that Pinterest and Instagram are great sites to grab images from to add to your mood boards as there are thousands of images to look at. Write down all those ideas and add them to your board so you can refer back to them if you start to struggle.

Frequently Design

It’s important when designing to consistently and frequently design. This sounds simple but it can make such a difference. When you constantly design, ideas come quicker to you and I find that you feel more confident in your ideas and designs. You start to develop a style and technique for the way you design and you can let your creativity flow.

Colour Palette

Colour can be a complicated factor in your design as there are so many options and combinations possible. Sometimes i feel it’s nice to step back and think and think more simply about it. Start with one main colour and go from there, Many colour combinations work well together this is why it’s a good time to go back to your mood board for colour inspiration. Many people relate colour to mood so think about what mood you want to create.Put all your colour options next to each other and compare them to each other, this makes it easier to whittle down your colour options and see what colours work best together.


Typography completely changes the mood of an illustration, It’s a good idea here to look at other examples of graphic design to get an idea of what you want. Some sites I recommend for fonts are Google fonts and Adobe fonts. They have thousands of font options available for you to use in your designs.

Take a breather

Just like with many things in life it’s easy to get burnt out. Sometimes taking a break can really help refresh your mind and encourage you to not give up and keep going. It’s a good idea when you have a break to get away from the screen, this helps you not only avoid being burnt out but also lets you recharge your batteries to continue with your brilliant designs.


Overall, As a graphic designer it’s important to enjoy what you do and have fun in the process of creating your designs. If you feel graphic design isn’t your forte and you’re in need of some good designs we have a range of talented graphic designers here at Blue Whale Media that would be happy to help.