Graphic Design Trends that will dominate 2019

In today’s society, graphics design is a big part of our lives. Whether you realise it or not, every day you consume a design of some form. You could be looking at the Golden Arches of McDonald’s, or giving feedback on your friend’s illustrator project. Whatever it is, we see graphics design everywhere in our everyday life.

Seeing as graphics design is so dominant in our life, and 2019 is around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to write a blog about a few graphics design trends which I believe will be very prominent within 2019.


Like all of the trends in this blog, minimalism isn’t anything new. Even though it isn’t a new concept, minimalist designs have become increasingly more popular in recent years.

When executed properly, a designer can make a very effective piece with very little going on. Sometimes it can become easy to get caught up in adding new elements to your design. In some circumstances, this can make your design pop. With that being said, the idea with minimalism is that the less that’s going on, the more impact your piece will have.

In my opinion, I really like minimalist designs. They look extremely professional and polished. When they’re done correctly that is.


Again, typography isn’t new by any means. Typography has been around for hundreds of years. You can achieve some very powerful effects with typography and has been quite the talking point in 2018 within the design community. Something as simple as changing the colour of one word within your design can make it look 10x more appealing.

With typography being such a hot topic this year, I have no doubt that the trend will continue into 2019 with new sleek designs and techniques being developed. I’m excited to see some of the designs to come out of 2019.

Negative Space

Negative space is essentially space surrounding an object within an image and can be so powerful when done well. As an example, did you know that there is a bear on the mountain inside of the Toblerone logo? It’s subtleties like that which can take your design to the next level. Such minimalism and typography, negative space isn’t a new concept. However, it is a trend that I believe will become more popular as we pass through 2019.

Hand-drawn graphics

For whatever reason, consumers are steering towards hand-drawn images as opposed to the traditional style of graphics. Something about the hand-drawn style feels more personal. When a design is hand-drawn, you can visualize the work that went into it. Not that tradition graphics doesn’t require work, because it does, but with hand-drawn designs, you feel a lot more connected to the artist. At least I do anyway. Because of this, I reckon that hand-drawn graphics will be used a whole lot more in 2019, especially within content marketing.

Responsive logo design

Responsive designs have been around for about a decade now and have since become the industry standard.

If you don’t know, a responsive logo essentially consists of multiple logos. The first would be your actual company logo, a bigger design for branding etc. The following logos are slightly smaller in order to be incorporated into websites. With mobile browsing becoming more popular year after year, it only makes sense to create a logo which can be easily recognized from a mobile device.

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