Graphic Design Trends of 2021

Graphic Design Trends of 2021

No one can predict what will happen in 2021, we hope this will give you some ideas on what to expect and what to look forward to in the next year to come. Let’s try to keep looking forward in optimism and solidarity.

Sustainability and the environment

The idea of developing a sustainable future feels a bit more realistic and achievable after the pandemic. Many of us got to spend the majority of our time outdoors enjoying the fresh air, we all had a glimpse at a brighter greener future. Hopefully 2020 taught us the importance of looking after our environment to make it better for everyone.

One way in which we can make a difference is with positive product packaging, a simple change to recyclable packaging can make a huge difference to the environment. Compostable packaging is also becoming more and more common, another way in which we can help create a brighter future for our world.

Global awareness towards sustaining a greener future has led to a huge shift in design and how we perceive it. Bigger brands are hopefully going to step up and lead the way, then smaller brands will follow. Anyone can make the shift from bulky plastic packaging to more eco friendly, plastic free products. If each of us made this change we could save a huge amount of plastic waste.

Now is the time to reconnect with nature, not just for the planet but for ourselves. Consumers need to form a physical connection with the environment in order to feel the effects of it. Speaking in broader terms this concept will influence design in the next year to come, this concept could present itself in the form of handprints or organic shapes and brush strokes.

Retro Vibe

After going through 2020 it’s no surprise to anyone that we’ve all been looking back at more positive, easier times. With the pandemic continuing for some time now, more retro and vintage style designs are in a higher demand and will continue to be in 2021. Graphic designers are always looking for new colour palettes and styles that no other brand has used before. After the madness of 2020 consumers may want to take a break from bright colours and retreat to a more muted style.

Optimism and playfulness

With the arrival of the new vaccine, we’re all starting to feel a bit more optimistic about the future and 2021 as a whole. The creative industries need to uplift people with positivity, vibrancy and colourful patterns. People are hoping to feel more free in 2021 emotionally and physically with hope that lockdown will end soon. In 2021 it will be all about finding ways to be positive – a contrast to the darker vibes of 2020.

What form is this style likely to take? In 2021 we hope to see plenty of humorous illustrations, some 3D work and possibly some kinetic typography. In general there will be a lot of bold colour and optimism next year, reflecting on the hope we all have.

Authentic and honest

2020 as a whole was disruptive and we’re all feeling worn out and ready for a new leaf. No one wants to be spoken down to or patronised by empty marketing campaigns. 2021 will show more authentic and meaningful work that will speak to its target audience.

Coming together

In 2020 we all felt the effects of being separated from loved ones. The sense of community that came along with this year was greater than previous years. Supporting local businesses was part of daily life and checking up on the people we care about most.

Art and graphics can also play a role in bringing people back together, shedding light onto our real heroes. This trend will continue into 2021 with the main focus being on mental health and a change in the environment around us.

So what does this mean for design? To summarise, there is a sense of passion and optimism teamed up with determination to bring the new year in and make it a more positive year than ever before.

To conclude…

The main thing we’ve all learnt this year is that work isn’t everything in life. Whatever trends and concepts that happen in 2021 we can all agree to have fun with design and explore these new ideas. Yes, work pays the bills but family and friends are the key to happiness. This year as a whole has been challenging for everyone, so make sure to be kind to yourself and listen to others and communicate with loved ones. Listen to yourself and try new things.

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