Graphic Design Trends

In Graphic Design, trends are constantly changing throughout time. This is due to increasing development in software and designs becoming outdated. Designs become outdated due to the fact of a mass amount of people using the designs for their own personal use. Some trends, however, will last longer depending on popularity and often trends are made through past trends which have just be developed and refined.

Minimalistic Design

One of the biggest design trends of this past few years has been minimalistic design. This trend gets rid of all busyness of a design and focuses more on the main components of the actual design. It is all about stripping away all the unnecessary things. A minimal brand can be incredibly useful when it comes to creating an identity. The minimalistic design also allows partial space in your designs which allows you to interact with other elements of design within your work.

Typography Design

Typography is quite simply the art and technique of arranging type. When thinking of design people tend to think of shapes, colour and images as the main components of making a design. However, over the last few years’ typographies has become a lot more popular and design is more based on how words and letter fit in with your design. All typefaces are not created equally. Fonts nowadays come in all shapes and sizes and can reflect a message that someone is trying to convey. Chaotic Typography is a design trend which jumbles up words and letters to make an almost abstract design. This can be an effective way to make a design attractive and distinct. Cropped typography is a technique which crops letters just enough so you can make out what letter it is but it isn’t as clear as it once was.


Obviously within the graphic design world colour has always been around and been an important factor for any design. Colours can distinguish and convey messages from your designs. For example, yellow communicates hope and optimism whereas blue is thought to put people at ease. Blue is arguably the most used colour in brand creation. Gradients are a great way for mixing and partnering up colours in order to create bold statements and channel emotions. Colour gradients have been more on the rise as they can take the colours of a design to the next level.

Negative Space

This design trend makes use of using positive space which refers to the main focus of the picture while negative space refers to the emptiness of the design or the background. When used creatively and cleverly the negative space within the picture is just as important and is never blank. It is designed to support the foreground of the picture and used to help create the story. This can be used in both pictures and typography.

Hand-drawn illustrations

As design software is getting more advanced, it is sometimes nice to take a step back in time and revert back to where it all started through handmade drawings. This nowadays can add uniqueness and more of a thought process behind your designs. A lot of designs nowadays come from a hand-drawn illustration which is then later developed within the designs programmes.

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