Why Graphics are so important on social media

The main  reasoning for creating graphics alongside social media statuses is to grab attention and drive engagement of your audience. It is a fact that people are more likely to share something with at least one image that goes with a status. But when going with visuals it is important to get it right and in this blog we will be discussing the benefits and what design principles will be needed for your graphics to make an impact.

Professionalism of your brand and recognition

If your wanting to run your business like a professional then why shouldn’t it have professional branded images alongside. People tend to judge a business on its branding and as  this will be the first point of contact they will be seeing, it is important they look good and professional. Posting graphics will also help greatly when trying to achieve brand recognition as the more times you post the more likely you are to be recognised at first glance.

Legibility of wording

As mentioned, there are some characteristics and principles that need to be present when creating a graphic for social media. A big thing especially when it  comes with wording is too make sure the text is legible. This can be achieved by using bigger and bolder font which aren’t too fancy and could distract the reader. My tips would be to keep the font size up for important information that you may want to get across and make sure that it is against a contrasting background or image.

Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy is all about the importance of colour, type and images and where there importance lies within the image. Now people tend to read from top to bottom so that can be a good starting point when trying to figure out where the important information needs to go. It is always good to put the relative information at the top or middle of a graphic but should never be put at the bottom really. Contact information and calls to action will tend to be at the bottom. Although they are still quite important they are not the main and primary focus of the graphic if they were to be added.


Like colour may do, typography can convey certain moods and emotions. You want a font to represent your brand and sector of work making it most relevant. So for example if you ran a nursery, fonts that would be more appropriate would be playful and childish like fonts as they will appeal to children more. On the other hand if your sector of work was quite corporate then more of a modern and stylish font would be more suited as it will be appeal to the target audience more.

Brand identity 

As already mentioned creating graphics alongside your social media post is great for showing off your brand. The more often you post the more often people will see and realise it’s you and your brand. It is also great for showing your audience that you’re putting extra effort into your posts and keeping the interesting.