Importance of graphics within social media

Generating engagement on social media is a very important tactic for any businesses marketing. Social media is a great way to introduce your business to new audiences and also keep you current ones up to date. This is why it is important to make sure that your social media is engaging and informative. In this blog I am going to be discussing why graphics can take social posts to the next level and how to create graphics that a fit for purpose.

The Power of Visuals

There is no denying that posts with graphics and visuals get a lot more engagement than those that don’t. However when producing social media posts with graphics, it is important that the graphics are right and fit for purpose. The graphics produced also have to collate well with your brand so that you don’t lose your brand identity.


Probably the most important part of any graphic is to make sure it is legible. This means that any important information on the graphic has to be big enough to read or see. You can do this by creating big bold fonts that contrast nicely against the background. It is also never a good idea to overdo it with typefaces as although it might make it look pretty it will equally make it look messy and distracting.


The hierarchy of a design of a graphic is about placing the most relevant stuff in the more appropriate places. Graphics need to find a way to guide the readers and this can be done through colour, size and boldness. You want to make sure the important part of the graphic grabs the attention of the audience almost instantly. It is also important to note that everybody will naturally read from top to bottom meaning that less important information will be more suited at the bottom of the graphic. However with social media it is more common that the most relevant information is situated in the middle.


Colour is a powerful tool for creating contrast and balance between elements on a graphic. Making the correct choice in colour can make your graphic jump out against other social media posts. It is also important to note that colour has to be appropriate and when trying to assert a certain emotion the right colour has to be chosen. Obviously is always a good idea to stick to the colour of your brand so that people can easily associate the graphics with your business.


Like colour, typography can be used to show people what kind of message you’re trying to convey. For example, a modern font might be used to try and show professionalism within a brand. You’ve also got to think about the desired tone of certain words maybe trying to make certain words bold and bigger as they are more relevant to the post. This might be more suited to offer post where maybe the actual discount is something that will stand out against the rest.