What Makes a Great Commercial Video?

A commercial Video is a video that usually promotes a product, service or brand of a company. The man goal for a commercial video it to raise awareness, acquire new leads, Build stronger brand loyalty and increase conversions. These videos can then be uploaded to social media, websites and any other platforms which might attract attention from potential customers.

Why Invest in a Commercial Video?

In this day and age, a video is a great way of marketing and advertising. People are more compelled to watch something about a product or service then read about it. Commercial videos are great as they work with any sector of business. Brands of all sizes make use of online advertising in order to engage their target market. Commercial videos also give a great impression on your brand as it shows time and effort has gone into making it. When done correctly a commercial video can have a lasting impression on someone and entice them to maybe invest in the future.

Shooting a Commercial Video

When shooting a commercial video is important for the client to know exactly what they want. This is because they know their sector of work and the target audience they are marketing for. They, therefore, will know what attracts them and what would make them buy into a product or service of yours. When knowing all this it is easier to get a list of shots together which would help adhere to the target audience. It is all about keeping the customer engaged and giving them a reason to make contact. What do you want them to see? what do you want them to know? Are questions that need to be addressed in the video.

Editing a video

When putting a video into the final production the editing stage is very important if not the most important. Obviously getting the shots are important but when once they have been taken the editing is key to making the video come alive. The editing is all about bringing the brand to life and trying to coincide with the overall vision of the client. Here at Blue Whale Media, we have in-house video editors.

Where to advertise a commercial video?

To put it simply, a commercial video can be advertised on any digital marketing platform. Anywhere that a potential customer may be able to see it. A great place is on a website where it is important to add engagement. The longer someone stays on your website the more likely of them purchasing a product/service.

Why choose us?

Here at Blue Whale Media we take pride in our work and won’t settle until it is perfect. The main part of our process is understanding what the client wants to achieve within the video. This gives us a greater understanding of how the video is going to be shot and edited. This is done by creating storyboards and shot lists. From start to finish we listen to the clients’ input and add our own personal professional opinion. This helps with creating an overall good video at the end.

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