Greater Manchester Business Fair 2020

Greater Manchester Business Fair 2020

Although the web has made online events possible, people are still social creatures that prefer human contact from time to time. Even with spikes of COVID-19 threatening localised lockdowns, events are slowly growing in popularity for the first time in five months.

At Blue Whale Media, we are always looking for business functions to attend in the North West; the Greater Manchester Business Fair 2020 is one on our radar for great networking and business opportunities.

What is the Greater Manchester Business Fair?

The Greater Manchester Business Fair has been showcasing and supporting Greater Manchester businesses since 2011. This year, they invite businesses to take part in the 10th annual business fair when it returns to the AJ Bell Stadium in October. It was set up in 2011 with the aim of bringing local companies together to meet, learn and network in a friendly but professional environment.

Why you should attend

The fair’s main feature is a business to business exhibition with companies from the local area and beyond showcasing their products and services. There is also a strong business support focus to the day, with free seminars and workshops, a networking session start-up support, and business advice from industry professionals and experts. The event is now one of the most well-established business events in the area, with 40-50 exhibitors and lots of visitors attending.

What you can expect from the Greater Manchester Business Fair

The Greater Manchester Business Fair is a free event that allows you to benefit from a range of complementary features to support and grow your business. Here’s what to expect:

  • Source new suppliers or partners, view product demonstrations, find out about new services and take advantage of special offers on the day.
  • Gain valuable business information, ideas and insights by attending the free seminars and workshops.
  • Make lots of new business contacts by networking and taking part in the free networking sessions.
  • Obtain free one to one business advice from exhibitors.
  • Take away lots of knowledge and useful information, including an event program and business guide.

Events humanise your business

In a world where getting your banking, shopping and event planning online are possible, it is easy to forget the faces behind the services. Attending a business event or conference helps to put a face to the business or organisation you work for, while also making the company seem more sociable and down to earth.

Feedback is relevant and immediate

A huge advantage of attending the Greater Manchester Business Fair can collect targeted feedback on the spot. It is especially from a sponsor or exhibitor as paying attention to their feedback can save you from making marketing strategy mistakes and inspire you to try new things or approaches.

Talking to strangers can be uncomfortable, but the people at events like the Greater Manchester Business Fair are generally open-minded and receptive to answer your questions. People are attending for the same reasons as you, so take advantage of the opportunities available.