Why having a brand identity is pertinent to starting your own business

Why having a brand identity is pertinent to starting your own business

Whilst starting a business is overwhelming with organising your products and services there’s one element that you cannot forget. Your brand identity is the foundation of your whole company. Once a brand identity has been established, everything else will be able to fall into place. Everything you do should be in line with your branding. Branding isn’t just about logos and colours, it’s to do with language and overall aesthetic targeted to your target audience. Carry on reading to see other vital parts of your branding identity.

Your unique brand identity

Your brand identity consists of who you are and what you stand for. Everything you do will align with your brand strategy. From the tone of voice to the colour scheme, your branding should be expressed through a multitude of different platforms. From packaging and website design to the way you interact with your customers this shows off your branding. 

This can also help you to fit into your chosen sector whilst making you stand out from your competitors. A brand with a unique name and consistent branding will help to gain a following and more sales. Your business appears more trustworthy when your branding is consistent.

Branding generates new customers, returning customers, and loyal customers

Branding promotes familiarity. Customers are more than willing to do business with a familiar and dependable company than an unfamiliar one. 

One of the most overlooked methods of marketing would be word of mouth. When your company has branding that is enticing to your target audience your customers are more than likely to do the work for you and tell others about your brand.

When your branding is persistent your customers are more likely to buy from you again. They will remember your company either by your great packaging or your fantastic website design. You then become memorable! Making further marketing a breeze… which then makes your returning customers, loyal customers! 

Branding helps you charge what you are worth 

New companies can find it hard to gather a larger audience base. It is common for start ups to just take what they can get, even if this means they aren’t making as much profit as they would like to. As you’re still establishing your customers sometimes small businesses will charge less than you think the product is worth. 

However, when you have an established brand you can come across more professional and can charge at a rate that a larger or more established company would. Your clients are more likely to trust you off the bat and pay the prices that you set. Ensure that your products/services are of high quality, and your clients will be more than willing to pay what you ask.

Now you now know why having a strong brand identity is so important to establish your brand vision. Your message and values also fall into your brand identity and they should be at the forefront of all your business decisions. To make sure you are always remaining consistent and staying true to your brand. 

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