Health Company Colour Palette

#6ecab0 Colour


#269E8A Colour


#F89278 Colour


#EDDEB5 Colour


#F9CC89 Colour


#F47D9B Colour


What is a colour Palette?

A colour palette is an arrangement of specific colours to be used in a visual medium. This could be anything from a painting to a website design.
Colour palettes allow you to have consistency within your project as well as being visually pleasing. There are millions of colour palettes and you can even create your own for your personal branding. The key with colour palettes is to ensure they relate to the industry. This will allow you to keep your branding consistent and allow your customers to easily recognise your business. 

Health Company Colour Palette

Why choose a colour palette

Colours can be incredibly powerful providing they are used properly. The right colour palette can make your project stand out or could completely ruin it. Different colours display different qualities. If you want to display a fun and playful tone through our colour palette, then you wouldn’t pick dark colours. You would go with vibrant colours. Colour palettes can help you with brand recognition. If you have aesthetically pleasing colours then this will stand out to your consumers and make it easier for them to remember you.

What Industry does this colour palette work for?

The above colour scheme would work very well with a fruit juice brand. The colours are very bright and vibrant and would be a lot more effective in summer. I believe a fruit juice business would benefit from this colour palette as all the colours are quite “fruity” and warm. The yellows and orange reflect the sun whereas the pink and greens represent fruit and nature.

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