Healthy food colour palette

Healthy Food provider Colour Palette

In every industry, you need to have a colour palette. It is the foundation of how your company is presented to your future customers. But you need to have colours that are related to your company. In today’s blog, I am going to go through why the colour palette above is perfect for a food provider company.

Healthy food colour palette


How are the colours relatable?

When it comes to choosing the colours you need to think about how you want your company to be presented. For example, the colour blue is mainly used in a tech company branding, like Windows, Dell, Samsung and more. In a healthy food provider company you want to use colours that relate to the food that you are providing to your customers. So colours that relate to the food images here would work well. With these colours being bright and uplifting, they would work well for a healthy food provider.

Where and when should I use my colours

Using your colours in the right way is so important. You want to be using one or two colours when it comes to creating your product packaging. You don’t want to use all of the colours because you will not have any variations that you could use for the future. I would choose one colour to be your primary colour and a second colour as your secondary colour. The rest of the colours can be then used as pop colours. Using just two main colours will boost your brand identity.

However, don’t change the colours that you use unless you are doing a full rebranding. Doing this will confuse customers and you will start to lose your brand identity. You don’t want to use all of the colours at once, this will be too overpowering.

Create ideas

Research what other people have done in your industry and look at what colours they use. Do you want to use similar colours and compete to be the best in your industry or do you want to stand out from the crowd and use colours that might have a different effect on your potential customers? We would recommend if you are a small business owner you should use colours that relate to your industry. It just gives people a better feel of who your company is and what you are providing.

Healthy food colour palette