Hiring a PPC Agency – Questions to Ask

Pay Per Click ad campaigns are a wonderful way to create a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website. A lot is at stake. Naturally, it makes sense to hire the experts. Hiring a PPC agency is a good idea.But how do you choose the right PPC agency in Manchester? Be sure to ask these critical questions.

Why do I Need a PPC Agency?

What specific problems are you looking for help with? Perhaps you don’t have the time. Maybe assembling an in house team isn’t a viable option for you. Perhaps you are an expert at PPC but need another expert’s perspective. Be sure you have clarity about your purpose so your Manchester PPC agency can deliver a solution that meets your needs and requirements.

What’s My Budget?

This is a critical question. Do you have a fixed budget or is it flexible? There are PPC companies that work only if you have a minimum budget, and there are many other SEO agencies that are very flexible. Having a clear answer to this question will help you choose the right PPC agency. Understand that there’s no right or wrong answer. You need a PPC agency that aligns with your budget. That is the reason you need to know whether your budget is fixed or flexible.

Do I Need Additional Services?

Although PPC is a specialised domain in itself, many a times, you might need other additional services. For instance, if you are keen on a display ad campaign, you will need high quality graphic banners. Perhaps you may have to create a landing page or redesign your website. Choose a PPC agency that can provide additional services including website design, graphic design, copywriting services, email marketing and more.

What are My Goals?

It’s important to have a clearly specified goal. Not just a random or generic goal. You have to be specific. For instance, “lower cost and increase revenue” is a very generic goal. Instead, a more specific goal would be “12% growth in revenues every month”. When you have clearly spelt out goals, your PPC agency will be able to create a solution focused on your goals. Looking to hire a PPC agency? Contact Blue Whale Media. We are Manchester’s leading PPC agency with years of experience. Get in touch with us today for a free PPC consultation.

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