Home Cleaning SEO Case Study

We increased this one-man-band home cleaner’s traffic by 54% in the space of 5 months. See how we did this by reading this case study!

This client has already been with Blue Whale Media for a good number of years including on-and-off SEO work as well as having multiple websites developed and maintained.


The client provides a range of home cleaning services for domestic customers. When they came to us in October 2020, they were looking to reach new customers in the North West.

We worked with the client to identify the best locations and search terms. Many of the keywords we identified were fairly low volume but were lucrative and relevant – they’d provide a great return on investment for the client.

SEO Audit

The first thing we did was audit the website to see how it was already performing organically and if there were any existing issues we had to resolve.

At this time the website was already pulling in around 300 organic users every month. We could see that the client had some content issues, spanning from their previous SEO work. This was mainly location pages that didn’t have unique content. Thankfully since we are their website partners, we already had full access to the website and instantly resolve these issues.

New Landing Pages

The first thing we did was work on crafting high-quality and SEO-optimised content for the new landing pages. These would be locational landing pages based on towns and cities in the North West of England that the client could promote his cleaning services in. These were brand new locations for the client and had never been targeted before.

With our in-house content writing team, we managed to quickly write up new unique content for the locational landing pages and our web designers had the new pages designed & live in no time!

Writing Blogs

As well as the new landing pages, we also had our content writers create new blogs for the website. As part of the SEO campaign, we would ensure around 8 – 10 new blogs were published every month on the clients website. This would allow us to create new internal links for the new landing pages as well as add new keywords to the website, driving an additional form of organic traffic.

Building Links

Once we had the landing pages on the website we started building backlinks to these pages. The website already had a good foundation for off-page SEO. Through our previous experience in the niche on top of new competitor analysis, we can see that websites in this niche can be quite aggressive with their backlinks and anchor texts – this is information we made good use of for the client’s backlinking strategy.

In time for the beginning of each month we would pick out two or three pages to focus on when building backlinks so the client could see more impactful results each month. We utilised a variety of backlink types, mainly consisting of high-quality guest posts and hard-hitting manual blog posts. 

SEO Results

Sure enough by the start of 2021 the client started seeing major results both in terms of rankings, organic traffic and enquiries.

  • For the first time ever, the website hauled in over 1,000 organic users in a single month – that’s over triple the monthly traffic before the SEO campaign!
  • The client now has over 15 enquiries every single day and is regularly booked with work for the next 5-6 weeks, becoming so busy that they actually have to turn away customers at times!
  • Because the client is picking up so much work, they are no longer a one-man-band, the client has had to grow his team in order to keep up with the influx of jobs!
  • The client managed to reach first page for all their keywords, reaching the top 3 positions for over 80% of them.


When the client came to Blue Whale Media for a focused SEO campaign, we managed to triple their organic traffic and exponentially grow their online enquiries.

We focused on relevant & hard-hitting links and creating new location-focused landing pages as well as keyword-optimised blogs.

After a consistent 5 months of constant work, we would see the campaign would eventually bear the fruit the client wanted – this eventually came to fruition in March 2021 when the website broke into the four figure organic users for the first time ever.

If you’d like help with your website’s SEO, contact us today. We can take a look at your website including a full website audit and no-obligation quote.