How 5G Will Change The Way We Surf The Web

5G is the mobile network tech designed to handle huge amounts of data. This new technology is set to change the whole world by 2020. Users should expect a significant reduction in latency, increased speed, increased reliability, and the ultimate seamless experience. There are so many exciting possibilities that are bound to come with 5G, which of which will actually blow your mind. Take a look below.

How Is 5G Destined to Change The World?

The 5G mobile technology will impact the world in unbelievable ways. Not only will it change the way people surf the web, but it will also bring connected living to a reality and change the way people live, travel, eat, shop, and a whole lot more other things.

The IoT

5G will make it possible to live in a world where all the devices a person has are interconnected. How great would it be to wake up to a fitness tracker that has recorded your sleep and the results are updated to an app that triggers your coffee machine? After you leave your home, your robotic appliance is left doing all the chore, such as vacuuming, and cleaning and you get the updates via your mobile phone. These devices make your life easier than you thought possible. The reliable and superfast 5G could make this a reality and the internet of things (IoT) will enable people to carry wearable technology everywhere they go.

Driverless Cars and Connected Vehicles

With drastically improved latency, 5G will make it possible for connected cars and driverless vehicles to succeed. 5G will enable the autonomous cars to react to scenarios within milliseconds, something that is not yet possible.

Smart Cities

When eventually the Internet of Things is available in our homes, the concept will be possible for urban applications as well. Hypothetically, IoT could be used to control things like traffic flow much better, connect utility meters, monitor the quality of the environment, alter emergency services, and even alter garbage collectors when bins are full.

VR Healthcare

Despite the fact that we virtual reality has already been established, when 5G and the internet of things become a reality, the healthcare industry will benefit immensely. You see, we are likely to experience accurate and reliable real-time updates that will enable advanced diagnosis and suitable treatment. The best part is that virtual reality technology will make remote operations a possibility. Doctors could administer treatments half across the world using haptic gloves. The doctor’s mind would be scanned through the whole process to ensure that the treatment was real time, but this concept will only be possible when 5G becomes a reality.

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