How Alexa and Siri Are Changing the SEO Landscape

One thing about search engine optimisation (SEO) is it is constantly evolving. With new innovations, marketers and web designers have to transform their SEO Warrington strategies and approaches to keep up. Many people have already noticed how the mobile shift changed the way searches were conducted and how search results were put in the forefront.

Today, vocal searches and artificial intelligence (AI) assistants such as Alexa and Siri are trying to leave a mark in the SEO landscape as well. But how exactly are Alexa and Siri transforming the SEO world?

More Access to Voice Search

More and more people are gaining access to smartphones these days, and smartphones often support voice search capabilities. Based on data from Deloitte, more than 81 percent of the United Kingdom population have a smartphone. Meantime, Statista also reveals that among people aged 16 to 24, 96 percent reported owning a smartphone.

These data indicate that access to AI assistants has been widespread, and voice searches are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. In fact, a recent study by comScore estimated that 50 percent of all searches by the year 2020 will be done through voice.

While Amazon’s Alexa will only provide verified answers, the Google voice search technology (Google Home and Android devices) will return with answers from their leading search engine results. This is why it has become more important to rank high for certain queries.

Changes in Search Language

Search engines are known to be used to answering questions. But today, people commonly type their queries in a non-question form. For example, a person searching for music lessons in Warrington could simply type “music lessons Warrington” and then wait for results. With a voice search, on the other hand, this is not the case. People are more likely to ask conversational questions like, “Siri, where can I find music lessons in Warrington?”

This means your SEO Warrington websites now need to take into consideration clear conversational queries and not just spontaneous keyword phrases.

Location and Navigation Searches

Voice search and mobile search are closely intertwined, and most voice searches are navigational. Businesses that have a powerful presence on local searches are seen to benefit the most from the shift towards voice searches with the integration of Google Map.

For instance, a music teacher with a strong presence locally will now have the edge of being mentioned whenever a person searches for “music teacher near me”. This means websites also need to be optimised with navigation and location search in mind. It will also be helpful to include location references especially if you want to boost your chances of being cited in voice search results.


Vocal search and AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri are changing the way people conduct searches and how you have to strategise your SEO campaigns today. A human first approach to conversational queries and keyword research may be inevitable to a sound SEO Warrington strategy.

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