How blog writing can benefit your website

How Blog Writing Can Benefit Your Website

Blog writing can seem like a tedious and time consuming task. However, it can be one of the most effective ways to market your business. Not only can they help to advertise your company to a wider audience but, it helps to show your expertise within the field.

Shows Personality

Formal and short advertising can be great to catch customers’ attention. However, putting a voice behind the business can be extremely beneficial.

Potential clients are not only interested in what you have to sell but what you have to say! 

Showing personality reminds customers of the people who are working for the company – real people with brains and interesting things to say.

No one wants to work with robots.

Drives traffic to your website

Blogging can be a great marketing strategy as it can bring in different customers to your website. 

Using those SEO keywords within your blog posts can be extremely valuable. As long as the words are relevant to you as a business and showcase what you’re about, then bringing in those clients will be effortless. 

If you are posting consistently about related topics then pulling in those repeat readers can really help to drive sales and help to build that B2C relationship. 

You know what you’re talking about

Showcasing your knowledge and experience within the field by using blog posts can boost your chances in B2B sales and attention. 

When bringing in potential customers it is pertinent that they have confidence in what you’re saying. Showing the world that you have insight and expertise within the subject matter can help you to appear more trustworthy. 

Marketing longevity 

A lesser known benefit of including blogs within your company website is that they can serve you long after the blog has been published. 

Keeping the content on your social media platforms or your website not only shows your vast knowledge on the subject but can also keep potential customers on your page. After reading a capsulating blog and seeing other content with relevant subjects can lead to a domino effect. Especially when adding a “call to action” of “why not read more about this in our previous post”. 

In conclusion, blog writing can be an effortless way to not only help drive sales but to help build those essential relationships with future customers. Helping to reinforce what you’re about and who your target clientele are. Why not check out some of our other blogs on similar subjects?