How blogging can help your marketing

How Blogging Can Help Your Marketing

Did you know? There are nearly 4 billion people in the world presently connected to the internet! Hence, it’s a no-brainer for businesses to incorporate blogging as an essential marketing strategy in the current world.

Blogging comes with numerous benefits. Through blogging, you can not only promote your products and services and drive website traffic but also build a relationship with both existing and new customers.

Today, we’ll be taking you through the major benefits of blogging for your business. Besides, we’ll also help you get started with creating relevant content for your blog posts that will drive traffic and inbound links to your website.

Benefits of Blogging For Business

One of the first questions most people ask right after starting a business is if blogging is still important in 2021. The short answer is YES. Wondering why? Here are the reasons.

Blogging helps with link building:

Many business owners and experts consider backlinks or inbound links as the 3rd most important factor in SEO. However, about 41% of SEO experts say that link building is one of the most challenging tasks of optimizing your content for search engines.

By creating a high-quality blog and updating valuable and relevant content, you give other companies and sites a reason to link their blog posts to your site. Hence, blogging makes it easier for you to gain links.

Helps in driving traffic to your site:

Who doesn’t want more people to visit their website! And blogging is the right way to do that. Every time you update your blog with a new piece of content, it adds one more indexed page to your website. The more you update your blog with fresh content, the more opportunities you have to show up on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Once you appear on the search result page, it becomes possible for you to drive traffic to your site.

Convert Traffic into Leads:

Blogging will help drive traffic to your website. Once some traffic start coming to your site, it’s now time to turn traffic into leads. Since every new blog post your write becomes a new indexed page, each post offers you a brand new opportunity to generate new leads.

Converting traffic into leads is quite easy. All you have to do is add a compelling call-to-action feature on every blog post you create. For the uninitiated, here is how traffic-to-lead conversions really work:

  • Visitors visit a site
  • They see the call-to-action button for some sort of offer
  • They click the call-to-action element, which takes them to the landing page. Here, they may have to fill a form with their information in exchange for something
  • Finally, visitors complete the necessary action, submits their information, and receives the offer.

Share your company stories and news through blogging:

Blogging provides a great platform for businesses of any size to share their company’s stories, news, and updates. This way, you can build a stronger relationship with your audience on a more personal level.

How to start blogging for your business?

By now, you know the many benefits that come with blogging – build relationships with old and new customers, generate traffic, lead generations, gain backlinks, and many more. And we guess you’re now all up for the challenge of starting a successful blog. If yes, here’s how you can do it!