How blogging can improve your website SEO

How Blogging Can Help Your Website SEO

Whether you need an unanswered question or need a solution to a problem, you know you can always rely on Google. In fact, for many people, this incredibly popular search engine is their go-to place when they’re looking for just about anything.

The number of audiences on Google is massive. This means no matter the niche of your website; you need to show up among the top results in the search engine if you want people to find your site. But that’s difficult and needs a lot of effort! 

One of the most effective ways of improving your chances of ranking better in search engines is by starting a blog. Here are five reasons why.

A blog will keep readers on your website for longer:

Google’s topmost priority is to provide its searchers the answers that they’re looking for so that they keep coming back. If a reader clicks on a site but leaves immediately because they found it unhelpful, then this action tells Google that the link is not as helpful as the rest. In contrast, if someone clicks on a link and stays there for a while, then this simply means the site is helpful, and Google pays much attention to these sites that provide informational content.

Also, if someone lands on your website from a blog post shown in search engines, then they will naturally have more reasons to stick around for longer.

Blogging keeps your website updated:

If you come across a website that’s outdated, then you may not even trust the information that’s there on the site, let alone buying products from the site. The reasons for an outdated website can be many – the site could be offering information that’s already been debunked by another site or facts that are no longer fact, or the blog’s company could’ve gone out of business.

Regardless, Google does not rank such outdated sites for the simple reason that it does not want to provide outdated information to its searchers. Through a blog, you can keep your website updated and fresh by adding new content on a regular basis. Remember, consistency is key!

You have more opportunities for internal linking:

One of the simplest SEO mistakes that one can make is not including any internal links in your blog posts. Every time you add a relevant link to your anchor text (keyword), it signals Google what the page you’re linking to is all about.

Blogging allows you to target long-tail keywords:

SEO is highly competitive. Hence, unless you’re a big brand, your site is probably going to struggle a lot to earn a top spot in search engines. One effective way of doing so is by incorporating long-tail keywords that people are searching for. And blogging allows you to do that!

Other sites can link back to your site:

For Google to realize that your website is authoritative and genuine, other reputable sites should have backlinks back to yours. It’s not impossible for you to earn external links without a blog. However, having a blog makes it much easier.