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How Can Animal Orientated Businesses Benefit from Great Web Design?

The UK is an animal loving nation undoubtedly, it is estimated that over half of homes in the UK have some sort of pet whether it be a furry, a feather or even a scaled friend!

As pet ownership becomes more and more popular, so are businesses orientated around pet ownership. But how do you set yourself apart from the competition in an emerging market space?

Digital marketing is becoming the go to choice for businesses from every sector, print based marketing such as leaflets and business cards are a dated way to create exposure and gain business.

The first step in any online marketing plan is a well built, responsive and clean website. Those that are willing to invest in a great website have the opportunity to market their businesses’ unique selling points, communicate with customers and attract new business.

A Web Design Agency in Warrington That Can Help

Blue Whale Media is a web design agency based in Warrington that has been helping members of the pet and animal industries, as well as members of several different business sectors market their businesses online.

We built websites that are visually engaging, highly functional and cost effective and would like to share with you five websites for clients from the pet and animal industry.

Pets R Us

Pets R Us is a business that puts pets at the heart of everything they do. The guys came to Blue Whale Media needing a website to display they various products for a wide variety of animal types.

The website needed to function as a fully functioning ecommerce website that users could use as an online retailer. Broken up by categories relating to different animal types, shoppers can easily navigate the website through the use of the nav bar to find exactly what they are looking for.

As well as functioning brilliantly, the website is visually engaging with an abundance of professional images as well as graphics and an animated sliding image on the home page- created by the graphic design team at Blue Whale.

Head over to their website to take a look for yourself.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a local shop based in Warrington that offers various supplies for pets and has done for a number of years.

They needed a website to inform current customers about the various products they have on offer at their store as well as gaining new customers.

The website had to look great and so the graphic design team worked in close proximity with the web design team throughout to create a visually engaging, animal centric website full of images of happy pets and great products.

As well as looking great, the website functions brilliantly with a customer contact form integrated into the build for quick enquiries as well as being social media integrated.

Trevelyan Self Drive

The guys over at Trevelyan Self Drive approached Blue Whale Media with a clear idea for the website they wanted. A visually stunning, informative website jam packed with plenty of useful features.

The video landing page for the website is hugely engaging and speaks volumes about the business as a company that puts horses first. The navigation bar is easy to use with links to the various service pages, so customers can find exactly what they are looking for and quickly.

Other pages include a frequently asked questions page, a blog and a contact us page so customers can keep up to date with everything happening on Trevelyan Self Drive’s end.

Bexhill Bounders 

The team at Bexhill bounders run a dog walking and day care centre, they offer several different services relating to the care of dogs and needed a website to let people know about them.

They needed a website that looked great and functioned highly and so the graphic design and web design teams at Blue Whale worked together to create something special. The website is full of custom graphics (including the very cute company mascot), professional images and even a gallery section.

Those enquiring about the service can do so easily with the simple contact form or by heading over to the organisation’s other social media channels which are integrated into the website.

Head over to their website and take a look for yourself!

The Cheshire Grooming Room

The guys at the Cheshire Grooming Room needed a website to market their various grooming services, full of information relating to the various washes, cuts and pamper packages they offer.

The website is full of professional images that display a wide range of pampered pooches on every page, including a sliding image home page and a dedicated gallery section.

The gallery section is a fun and quirky way of showing the before and after images for various dogs that have used the service.

An easy contact form as well as social media integration helps users of the service keep up to date with everything happening on the grooming rooms end including prices, promotions and events.

How Can Animal Orientated Businesses Benefit from Great Web Design? 

So, how can great web design benefit animal orientated businesses?

If you are looking for an effective way to display your products for animals, increase communications with customers and potential customers or want to show the happy animals currently in your care- great web design is the place to start.

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