High Visual Power

Marketers generally resort to visuals to communicate their messages and ideas. Remember that we are all visual learners, this means that we understand concepts, assimilate and remember ideas with the help of drawings, diagrams, charts and different designs (visual content is highly enticing, attractive and also memorable). With this in mind, just imagine how effective video content can be, and even more so if we mixed it with graphics in motion! Motion graphics fits perfectly in this context and, as we’re all visual learners, it helps you approach your target audience with persuasive, interesting and impressive content.

Stunning Designs and Animations

Motion graphics is not only about designs but also about designs in motion. This means that motion graphics make use of animation techniques to make designs really come alive! With this type of video, you can pass out any kind of idea by making use of graphic elements in movement. This will be of great help to deliver your message in just a couple of seconds, while you also make it understandable and memorable.

High Appeal

Motion Graphics gets the most out of visual designs and animations by being able to use moving images and portraying facts that would normally be considered as boring such as, numbers, statistics and specific facts for an educational purpose. These can normally be considered as boring; however, motion graphics uses an astonishing synthesis of power to keep people entertained.

Different Uses

Motion Graphics silences any doubts over what type of marketing video style to use as it can be used in any style a client could ask for. It can be used to:

• Pass out a serious or professional image- If the product or service has a more serious or ‘professional’ purpose, motion graphics is one of the best alternatives.
• Provide your video with an elegant style- Motion graphics is one of the most formal explainer video styles, so if a client needs to pass out an elegant and sophisticated image, then it’d be a good idea to go with this style.

Getting the Perfect Mix of Styles

This is a huge advantage that the motion graphics style offers: it can be merged with other explainer video styles so that you can maximize the benefits of both styles. What do we mean? Well, keep in mind that motion graphics can lack that human / emotional touch that other styles have. But if you need to give your video that special touch, you can consider adding some cute characters that trigger strong emotions in your audience, or even include a story behind all those figures and stats to make your story even more catchy. You have different possibilities when it comes to mixing styles, but we’ll go over this later.

WEye Catching

It adds movement to the page and movement catches the eye of a potential buyer, as it could just catch the corner of their eye and make the page stand out just that little bit more.

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