How can Chatbots help your marketing strategy?

In 1950, Alan Turing developed a test to measure a machines ability to display intelligence and behaviour that is comparable or indistinguishable from that of a human. In the years following on from this, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved to become an average part of our lives. With devices in homes like Alexa, Echo and Siri, AI has become intertwined with our daily lives. Businesses are capitalizing on this evolving technology and incorporating it into their marketing strategies. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways that you and your business can benefit from chatbots.

What are Chatbots?

First things first; What is a chatbot? Simply put, chatbots are programmes that are designed to communicate and converse with customers. They are pre-programmed with algorithms and have varying levels of responses and connections. In recent years, artificial intelligence has taken a huge leap and has expanded from its origins. AI can now be used to compile and analyse data from customer interactions and then use that information to create a personalised response. This ability helps businesses to retain customers and keep clients satisfied with quick and relevant responses to their queries.

Why are chatbots helpful to businesses?

Research suggests that up to 80% of online consumers report that they are more likely to give their business to companies that invest in a quick and efficient messaging service. This means that to keep customers and attract new clients, businesses are incorporating chatbots into their online marketing strategy to keep up with demands. 69 % of customers have reported that they feel more secure doing business with brands that have quick and easy contacts. Ease of access to your brand makes a huge difference to customer conversion and retention rates.

Chatbots are also beneficial to your marketing strategy as they offer more detailed insights into your customers’ behaviour and preferences, as well as points of contention. Having this insight allows you to cater your business to offer your customers exactly what they want. It also gives you the chance to adapt and change any potential issues before you receive complaints.

What else can a chatbot do?

As well as keep your customers happy with fast replies and insightful information, chatbots can also be used to communicate with clients about products and services in real time. Chatbots can search your business databases and inform customers what is available or will recommend the right product by analysing the information and searching the relevant databases. These applications allow brand employees to delegate their time in more important areas of the business.


To conclude, chatbots are a great investment for businesses. With their ability to provide quick, efficient and relevant responses to customer queries. Incorporating AI into your marketing strategy will allow you to offer superior customer service. With such a high percentage of clients stating that easy contact with their preferred brands is an important factor, chatbots are the way forward.

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