How Drones are Changing the Website and Media Industry

Drones as per Web design agency Liverpool definition are flying machines that are controlled by people but from another location using radio control.

The use of drone video

Many people like to use video in their website designs, it is because a video is striking, and can convey a message much more effectively than text. According to web design agency Liverpool, the advent of powerful and practical camera drones over the past few years has only expanded the usefulness and effectiveness of videography in web design.

Why use drone video in the first place?

A drone is simply a way to suspend and move a camera around anywhere in three dimensions. This can allow additional creative possibilities that everyone is familiar with, such as overhead video, it can also be used in place of traditional camera equipment on the ground and indoors to increase the speed of filming and decrease production costs.

Web design agency Liverpool believe that camera drone can replace very expensive booms and dollies, and reduce the number of takes and time needed to record usable footage. One of the benefits of drones is that they can actually bring video production for use in web design into a price range that is appealing to a much wider range of businesses.

How can a drone replace booms and dollies?

For many years, drones have been using GPS and accelerometers to control their movement and positioning in any environment. While this can be quite effective, it is only accurate to within a few feet. As a result, some drift was inevitable, and drones did not fare well while stationary or indoors.

The latest iterations of the platforms are DJI’s Mavic Pro and Phantom Pro Lines, which have added optical sensors below and in front of them to get a more precise fix on their location. They track minute motions and tend not to drift noticeably at all.

This means that the latest drones particularly, the Mavic Pro due to its compact size, are quite capable of more controlled and precise flying. Use indoors is no longer an issue. Drones are no longer limited to moving overhead shots and can instead replace many traditional tools in filmmaking.

Drone video in homepage backgrounds

According to Web design agency Liverpool, drones are people’s most favourite to use in the background video on website homepages. There has been a practice in web design trending away from the heavy text, busier web design, and towards airy, large designs that focus on media and encourage visitors to keep scrolling.

More and more companies are distilling their messages into fewer short statements. Background videos allow companies to show, not to tell. This enables more succinct messaging and quicker comprehension by visitors and increases visitor trust as well.

Drone video in identity videos

The corporate identity video is a cliché sales tools that have been enjoying significant rehabilitation over the past five years. First, the advent of high-quality video recording capabilities on DSLR cameras opened up creative possibilities and video production quality previously out of reach of small production companies.

Web design agency Liverpool now says that drones have now furthered those capabilities, putting the equivalent of helicopter video and more into the hands of just about anyone.

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