How E-commerce Websites Can Help You Earn Sales?

The web design and development professionals at Blue Whale Media have been asked this question many times: How an e-commerce web site can help you earn sales? Let’s take a look at the common answers that persuade clients to hire our services in web design and development particularly for e-commerce websites.

Improved Ease Of Access

E-commerce websites make it easier and faster for consumers to compare, browse and buy products and services in comparison with brick-and-mortar stores. Indeed, the ease of access, convenience of purchase, and quick delivery are just a few of the reasons that an increasing number of consumers use the Internet for their purchasing activities. Experts estimate that businesses with dedicated e-commerce platforms can increase their revenue streams by up to 250 percent, all because customers love the convenience of shopping in their pyjamas, so to speak.

Increased Exposure

The Internet universe has billions of users – Facebook alone has a billion users while Twitter and LinkedIn have an estimated half-million users each. Why confine yourself to the customers that you can reach via traditional marketing strategies when you can enjoy the benefits of digital marketing? With your e-commerce website, you can reach more consumers beyond your local area and, thus, get more opportunities to establish a new consumer base and more chances to increase your sales. Indeed, expanding your consumer base is one of the best ways how an e-commerce web site can help you earn sales! Note: The Internet has no boundaries so you can sell products half a world away for as long as you have worked out an effective and efficient delivery system. Your increased customer base will work to your benefit.

Open 24/7

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, an e-commerce website will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – except when it crashes due to technical issues, of course. The overhead costs from the 24/7 open status will also be at a minimum, if any, which is unlike a 24/7 store. Because of its 24/7 nature, you can increase sales because your customers can purchase your products or book your services regardless of the difference in time zones. In the case of product sales, the transactions including the payments can be automatically conducted – yet another way to increase sales.
And then there’s also the ease of collecting the payments especially recurring payments from your customers. Think of it: You can agree with your customers to have their credit or debit cards re-billed at scheduled times for new deliveries of products. Your sales can increase because of the system. So, what are you waiting for? Let Blue Whale Media build your e-commerce websites, be it a budget-friendly Woo Commerce package or a Magento website for brands with over 1,000 products. Contact us today on 01925 552050!

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