How Giglio managed to grow into an international brand.

In the current markets, businesses need to have top-notch customer care services alongside a team that is attentive to the little details to effectively compete and stand out from other brands. In the ecommerce sector, for instance, Web Design Liverpool confirms that it can be very hard for enterprises to have a personal connection with their clients. Organizations like Giglio, a fashion company from Italy have therefore come up with measures to improve their success rate in the sector. Giglio decided to enter into a partnership arrangement with Trustpilot in an attempt to enhance business-client communication for their various online clients worldwide. This move proved beneficial to the brand since the Trustpilot platform allowed them to get customer satisfaction reviews which in turn helped them adjust accordingly to make more conversions and perform better.

Ways in which the Italian fashion brand used the Trustpilot platform.

The organization was equipped with an automatic feature for customer reviews collection to provide the necessary information in terms of insights, complains or queries from their clients. Such data is critical and can be used in repackaging their email marketing strategies and ads as well as improve other mentioned areas.

Giglio uses the TrustBox widgets feature to help the brand in building trust among its clientele and other prospective customers. With trust, it can be relatively easy to make conversions and consequently sales for the organization. Web Design Liverpool, further confirms that the brand managed to increase conversion rates by up to 7% using the feature which is a major win for the business.

Their marketing strategy has a well been improved using the TrustBox Newsletter which was adopted in an attempt to enhance trustworthiness in their communication via email. As a result, their email marketing, as well as transactional strategies, have a star rating giving them social proof benefits. Additionally, Trustpilot offers customized support at all times and their plug and play feature allows the brand to connect and monitor their client’s reviews and other valuable information in real-time.

How the acquired information has been instrumental for Giglio’s growth?

According to Web Design Liverpool, the acquired information can only be useful to the brand if the complains or reviews are communicated to the relative departments in time for action. Giglio’s culture of sharing the reviews with all departments alongside Trustpilots support helps to know what should be improved or maintained to ensure customer satisfaction and hence the growth of the company.

These reviews allow for engagement and an emotional customer- business interaction which inspires loyalty. The CEO himself in some instances has been seen to personally reply to reviews made on his organization and clarify on issues or apologizes in case of any wrongdoings to the various clients.


The current CEO of Giglio inherited the business from his family and employs a hands-on approach to ensure the business delivers the best services it can to its clients. The brand partnered with Trustpilot which has helped it to streamline its business-client communication that has proved very beneficial to the business. the information gathered via the platform was crucial in making the necessary adjustments to ensure the business meets the market demands of the various customers and consequently leading to its ultimate growth.

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