How Influencer marketing affects businesses

Studies have shown that almost 100% of consumers purchase a product or a service through the recommendation they get from other consumers. They generally overlook all other forms of marketing campaigns.

It is for this reason that influencer marketing is gaining ground and as a result, the marketing industry is taking it too seriously. The social media space has changed the way people are doing business and players like St Helens Web Design are not left behind it this game changer phenomenon. Most People have discovered that popular brands being advertised cannot be trusted. They, therefore, rely on other customer reviews, endorsements, and approvals from their peers’ influencers on platforms like St Helens Web design.

Qualities of an Influencer

Business must invest in identifying the best social media influencer for their brand and create a long-standing relationship so as to increase brand awareness, reach and improve sales.

The ideal person must identify with your brand, believes in your company’s mission, have a large following who fit into your ideal customer parameters, must be loyal to your brand and be able to engage with your audience, must have a positive reputation and of a high social standing and must be very active in social media and have a large following like in St Helens Web Design.


This tool helps in finding the perfect person to be your influencer. It can also be used to search a content that is of high value and that which your audience will appreciate. The filter fields are influencer outreach, authority, influence, and engagement


This platform will track the most influential people to promote your brand and content. The use of Hashtag on Facebook and Twitter will assist you in finding a brand advocate in terms of likes, following, posts tweets.


It’s a website that measures the online social influence/It has scored for influence and outreach.

The influencers have helped business in the following ways

Brand Ambassadors

Marketers are targeting these influencers and who have a large following in the social media arena to advertise products and services and seek an endorsement of their brands. Influencers will have a large effect on your SEO thro content expansion and increasing number of backlinks. Influencers help your brand to prove credibility. Quality content is everything when it comes to content. Your social influencer must discover your content by sharing with his followers and integrate it in such a way it will gain ground.

Cost Savings

It’s a cost-effective method since it’s about spending less on advertisement but building as long lasting relationship and trust with your customer and users in a social media platform like St Helens Web Design, Facebook and Twitter.

Sales Boost

Influencers can boost your business income by bringing in more sales, lead generation, and brand reliability.

Customer Relations

Building a relationship with your influencers. You can analyze and study their needs, like their social media posts, contribute guest posts to their blogs. Create a rapport with them. Just like St Helens Web Design does.


Influencer marketing is necessary as it creates brand visibility, awareness, reaches out to customers through engagements and interactions.

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