How Long Does A Web Design Take?

Designing a website that looks good with high functionality plays an important role in how you want your brand or site to be perceived. According to Liverpool web designers, it all depends on the type of website you are going to build. Because websites can be designed in a day, and several other types of sites will take from weeks to months to create.

So, it all depends on the functionality, quality, and aesthetics.

A Typical Timeline For Website Design Project

Whether you are redesigning your existing website or creating a brand new site, the process is pretty much the same. In redesigning a website, you don’t touch the content of the site, but refreshes or updates the look, the functionality, homepage layout, etc. However, with a brand new site, the planning process is a little in-depth.

So, let us have a look at the design process of a website mentioned below.</p.

The Type of Website You Want

The duration of a web design hugely depends on the types of website you are building. That is, if you are creating a website for blog writing, then it will take less time. However, if you are making an online e-commerce site or a gaming site, it will definitely take you more time.

Website Design

Website design is one factor that can hugely affect your website building time. It is crucial to have a creative and appealing design because this tells a lot about your brand or company. Likewise, every business while building a website considers website design as the primary concern. And therefore, with more attention and creativity needed in designing a website, the more time it takes to build.

What The Website Provides

The more services you provide, the more user-friendly the website will be, and eventually, the more time consuming it will be to build. The services may include news notifications, creating an account, sending messages or emails, etc. So for this type of coding, it usually takes about 4-5 months.

Final Testing and Launch

Once the website is built, the next big thing to do is the testing of your website so that it has no bugs or errors. Here, you check if your website is functioning fully and if it is responsive. And all the services created for customers should be functional and work without error. To do this, it can take you another 7-8 weeks. And finally, after successfully testing, your website is ready to launch.

So basically, for a typical website, the building time can take from 10-14 weeks, starting from the beginning of the project to the time the site launches. And again, with more features to add and with more complexity, the time it takes to finish designing a complete website can go up to 6 months or above.


Thus, designing a website is all about patience and prompt action. We do not recommend speeding project completion. The best web design is created when a reasonable time is given to achieve the best level of creativity and functionality required in a website.