How New Technology Is Changing Web Design

How New Technology Is Changing Web Design

There has been massive development of technology in recent years. It’s changing the game in the web design industry. Websites now have become more optimum and inclusive. The advancement of technology has led web designers to create more robust features. In addition, it has also simplified the working process.

Technology has made everything simple and accessible. And it’s no surprise that it has revolutionized the web design industry. It has given a multitude of scope for web designers to expand beyond the horizon. However, it also means one has to keep updated with modern trends. 

Here are some of the new technologies that are changing the game in the web design industry, especially for a web design agency in Manchester.

Progressive web applications (PWA)

PWA came into existence in the year 2015. It has created quite a buzz in the web technology industry. Also, the application is built through a single codebase. And it can run on any device, both online and offline. This app could help mobile users access websites that are exactly like the original web page. With the introduction of PWA, various websites have seen a surge in conversion rates. 

Voice search

In recent years there has been a growth of voice search applications. Along with smartphones, people are also inclined to smart speakers. You’d see how Amazon’s Alexa created a buzz when it was first introduced in the market. Today, most people use voice search like Google assistant instead of typing. It’s a good application for the marginalised section of society. 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is the newest form of technology that has created quite a stir among different sections of society. It can be a good tool if it’s used with the right intention. AI has made everything simple and fast. In the web design sphere, it helps users to have a more personalised experience.

It also helps to build websites without much help from the web designer. But the web designer has to put inputs that are required for the website. It makes the working process simple, although it may lack the human touch.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

AMP has become a vital factor in the web design industry. Today most websites are mobile-friendly. This application allows users to get access to the site through their mobile phones. Majority of the internet users browse web pages through phones. Web designers now have to use this application while creating a website.

This application has made accessibility easy for mobile users. It allows users to have easy access and also allows a high conversion rate. And the web designer needs to include this feature to allow more inclusiveness. 


With the rise of technology, there will never be a dull moment for the web industry. It will continue to adapt to the new applications and tools. In addition, it needs to stay in trend to have more visibility in the market. It’s an evolving phase that is deemed to grow more in the coming years.