How Schema is used in SEO

Schema Markup is quite possibly one of the most important optimising tools in the SEO market at present. The concept of Schema and how it works is far more efficient than any other form of SEO. However, it is also the most under-utilised SEO tool according to our professional Manchester-based SEO agency.

In fact, a case study revealed that the number of websites utilising rich snippets with Schema markup was only a mere one-third of the total Google search results. This points out to an obvious fact that there is still a mammoth vacuum of opportunity and unearthed potential in the field as well.

So what exactly is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup, or simply Schema is a form of microdata that you can add to your website to enhance the quality of your content description. In such cases, the search engine will return a more informative data (rich snippet) to the user end.

The enhanced content description, in turn, will influence the user’s decision making and boost your website traffic. Thus, Schema, in brief, is a strategic tool to enhance the quality of your website description to attract more traffic and improve search engine ranking as well.

What is Schema.Org? is the result of a joint venture of top search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex (Russian search engine). Its primary purpose is to create, maintain, and promote structured data markup schemas.

In brief, it enables the search engine to provide a richer description of your web content that may be relevant to the needs of your audience.

How is Schema used in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is all about presenting information in the simplest, quickest, and most efficient way possible to obtain a high ranking on Google search results. That is precisely what Schema does for your website.

In a nutshell, Schema informs the audience what your contents “mean” and not just what they say. This, in turn, provides a better overview of your website contents and increases website traffic.

Some of the schemas that are currently supported in Google include –

  • Critic review
  • Recipe
  • Social profile
  • Book
  • Article
  • Job posting
  • Review snippet
  • Event
  • Q&A Page, etc
Why is Schema important for SEO?

In brief, schema is a system that structures your website data into a more organized pattern that makes it easy for search engines to crawl up and obtain information. Analogically, using schema markup is like spoon-feeding your website contents to the search engine, so, it can understand the context of the content better.

For instance, if there is a data on your website related to the word “Apple.” Now, without any context to what the word means, it could either be describing to the fruit or to the world-leading technology company.

However, if you put the right schema markup around the word Apple on your website, the search engine will crawl up to your site and obtain the relevant data. The data is then utilized to present a better search result to your audience.

Can Schema boost your website search engine ranking?

At present Google does not recognize Schema markup as a part of their ranking algorithm. But, that does not mean it is entirely irrelevant. Even if the schema is not directly related to search engine rankings, there is an obvious correlation. 

Schema plays a huge role in improving your website SEO, which, in turn, is responsible for high search ranking priority. In fact, a study revealed that on average, websites with markup rank four places higher than the ones that do not.

In addition, Google has also announced that structured data may be something they would consider making part of their search engine algorithm in the near future as well.

Final thoughts

Schema markup is not only one of the most efficient SEO tools at present but is also The legitimate future. With only a handful of online businesses making use of this powerful tool, it can be a blessing in disguise for your website.

There is no doubt that schema is here to stay. So, the sooner you embrace this bleeding-edge SEO innovation, the better. It will certainly give you a much-needed head start from your competitors alongside the best website design in Nantwich.