How SEO Improves Website Rankings

Search Engine Optimisation is a big concern for businesses and marketers. In fact, it has been so since the last few years, and for obvious reasons. Better search rankings bring more traffic, hence resulting in more leads, conversions, and so on. Blue Whale Media is a SEO agency in Manchester that uses SEO to help our clients improve their website rankings and improve traffic.

Site owners earlier used to be able to have high rankings in search engines by increasing the search terms to their pages, irrespective of their relevance to the website. With time, search engines took over and made better algorithms to approve high-quality sites. So it takes a lot more than just adding words to improve your website now.

There are some crucial components of SEO that improve your website rankings. Read on to know how SEO can help your website have high rankings.

Usage of Keywords

One of SEO’s most fundamental characteristics is adding keywords in your content. Search engines know what your website is about through the keywords and show users your page when they search for relevant information.

Several site owners, however, used this method and added numerous keywords on their sites. But search engines have improvised and have become smarter since. Now, you have to choose and use your keywords wisely and with more caution while also keeping in mind that users are getting quality search results.

Use long-tail keywords

While selecting your keywords, think about what words can best define your site. For example, if you have a motorcycle business, it might occur to you that “motorcycle” would be the right keyword. And as much as you would like to wish that all users who searched for “motorcycles” found your site, there is a much lesser chance when there are several other websites about motorcycles.

Use long-tail keywords instead, like “motorcycle dealership.” Users searching for “motorcycles” could be looking for many other things related to it, like pictures, toys, or forums. But those searching for “motorcycle dealership” are most likely looking for a motorcycle to purchase.

By concentrating on longer keywords, you have more possibilities of ranking well and also drawing better quality traffic.

Keywords based on location

If you want your website to be shown in a particular region, you need to include city and area names. Search engines will never know where you are based if you don’t tell them. Apart from adding keywords to specify your site details, it is also essential that you include keywords based on your location.

Length of content

It is vital that your pages have a good description, but how much content should it have? Brief contents may be easier on the eyes for the readers, but it might not give much them information and do justice to your page. So you should make sure that you provide ample information to the readers while also keeping in mind not to make it too long while creating pages.

Regular updates

Your duty does not end after creating a page. Search engines flavor sites that are updated regularly, so you have to keep it “fresh.” However, if you are not intended to change the content on your pages, it is not necessary to update it just to satisfy SEO. You can opt for other means to meet this requirement, like starting a blog.

Apart from these features, linking the similar contents of your pages or articles, reaching out to other sites, and including guests in your blogs can improve your traffic and website rankings.

Although it is necessary to optimise your websites, it may not be easy for everyone to perform SEO on their own. In this case, you can contact Blue Whale Media to help you create a beautiful and more effective website.