How To Be An Authorised Drone Pilot?

Would you like to find a new career as a drone operator? Or would you like to hire a professional to fly a drone that can capture fantastic aerial footage to promote your business?

Either way, the following blog from Blue Whale Media, the website design Manchester agency, will be useful. It explains what qualifications you need to operate a drone for commercial purposes. And outlines the official documentation you should see if you’re hiring a professional drone pilot.

What Official Documents Are Required?

At our website design company Manchester we know exactly what paperwork is required to fly a drone professionally because we have qualified drone pilots on our staff.

To put it simply, a drone pilot should have a document called a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). This is issued by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and it sets out the conditions for flying professionally and safely.

The CAA’s website gives the following advice to people looking to hire a professional drone pilot. You should…

  • Ask the operator to show his or her permission document.
  • Discuss how the work you require will be achieved within the conditions set out in the document.

How Do You Receive A PfCO?

At our website design Manchester we feel it’s important to follow this advice from the CAA. But how do you receive a PfCO if you want to become a drone pilot? The answer is pretty straightforward – you need to pass a course from an approved organisation.

The CAA has established training centres known as National Qualified Entities (NQEs) across the UK. These offer short educational courses for people with no previous aviation training. You can find a list of these centres on the CAA’s website.

Here at our website design company Manchester we feel it’s essential to point out that the CAA state that these courses are not CAA approved training courses, but they do lead to the granting of a PfCO.

What Does A Typical Course Offer?

Teaching methods vary, but it’s fair to say that many of the courses begin with some kind of online study, which needs to be completed before the course begins. Then you can expect 1 to 3 days of lessons based in a classroom, followed by a written theory test. After this, and probably most importantly, you will be given a flight assessment.

Often, following the theory test, applicants take time to practice their flying skills – and they are given their practical flying assessment some time after the course has finished. But some training programmes give you the flying assessment on the last day of the course.

What Kind Of Drone Services Do We Offer?

At Blue Whale Media, the website design Manchester agency, we have many digital services. These include drone footage – which, as the name implies, is film footage captured by a high tech drone. Our UAV has a high-resolution camera attached to it and, with the help of our drone pilots, we can provide you with sweeping aerial views of many different environments. Call us today.

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