How to check if My Website is Mobile Responsive? A Website Design Manchester Company Answers

A mobile responsive design, by a website design Manchester company, enables your website to resize itself automatically to any screen dimension. Responsive websites are fast becoming an essential design element to deliver smooth experiences to users moving between different devices to get information. 

Many Manchester website design agencies are including a mobile responsive design as a far-sighted approach. If a professional web design company has built your website, chances are you already have a responsive design. But, if you are unsure, then you have multiple ways to know if your website is responsive:

Check your Website on Desktop Screens

Open your website on a desktop using a standard web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Move the cursor to the corner of the screen on the bottom right. Follow the arrow pointer and drag the screen to the left. Does your website adjust itself to the new screen size? If yes, then chances are high that your website is responsive.

Check the Website on Actual Mobile Devices

For accurate results, a website design Manchester company believes, sales test your website on real mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Open your website on a mobile device, and discover how your visitors will view it.

Open your Website using an Emulator

An emulator is an online tool that shows how your website would look on different screens. There are several emulators available online to test your website on popular mainstream mobile devices.

There are also emulators that allow you to choose from a list of laptop and desktop resolutions, and view the results for each. You can also specify a customised screen size and resolution, and watch the result for the same.

If you discover your website to be non-responsive, consult a professional website design Manchester Company to plan the next step. Mobile devices are dominating user device preference space. Search engines too, are increasingly favouring mobile-responsive websites. Given these reasons, an experienced web design agency will strongly recommend having a responsive design

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