Our guide on how you can connect to your website users and target audience

How to connect with your website audience

Understanding your audience is a vital key to keep your audience engaged. Creating content on your website without prior knowledge of your audience can slow down your traffic. Knowing the target of your audience helps in making your content.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to connect with your customers. If a customer trusts your site, he becomes loyal, and you may strengthen a good relationship in uncertain times.

To increase the traffic on your website, your user needs to spend time on your website. They also need to view some pages on your website instead of leaving. If they like your content, they can also share it with their friends and social media accounts.

Every website has some ideas on how to keep the user glued to their websites. We also compiled some efficient but straightforward ideas to connect with your user. Here’s how:

1. Create engaging and useful content

There are so many ways to create engaging content for your website. One of the best ways is to have a blog. It is one of the best strategies for an attractive website. 

Some users opt for images than texts. Posting some eye-catching pictures that users can connect with will help to connect users. Make the images shareable so that you get free promotions from users who like the pictures.

Contents like do-it-yourself and tutorials boost your website as a trusted source for customers. They can learn new things on your website and may even come back to learn more. Do not leave your blog unattended for a long time and always publish original content.

2. Use analytics

Use analytic tools like Google Analytics which can help retrieve data for your website. In other words, it is a data warehouse where you analyse and review your business systems.

Using an analytics tool is an essential and elementary implement for knowing your audience. It helps you understand what kind of contents your user read, what time they usually come to your website.

There are many smart web analytics tools available online. Websites that use Analytics tools correctly can take data-driven steps to connect with their audience.

3. Advertise and marketing

Advertising your website is one of the essential ideas for attracting your users. Some advertisements are social media, advertising, Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO and display banners.

They may cost a little higher, but most websites are using the advantages of advertising. These tools of advertisement combined with your message make success for your website. It is also essential to know what mediums of communication your consumers use. Some are always on social media, while others use email often.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Almost everyone uses their mobile phones several times a day. We cannot stress enough how important it is for a website to be mobile-friendly. Users will have easy access to information on your website. Try to put the keywords and essential information above the fold of the content. Those texts will attract the user, and they can easily find them every time they look for sources from any device.

At Blue Whale Media, all of our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive regardless of your device screen size. If you require help to achieve a new mobile-friendly design, you can speak to our London web design company today.

5. Ask for feedback

Many users improve websites by providing helpful feedback. Some can be uncomfortable complaints but try to build your website from constructive criticisms. Also, asking for feedback from your users opens a good line of communication. This transparency will help build a good reputation for your website, and your customers can have faith in your website.

To improve your feedback sections, gather information from account managers, third-party review websites and customer service specialists.

6. Remarket with targeted emails

An email is a useful tool for engaging your website. It is also helpful for more personalisation of every user to target their needs. If you can provide explicit content beyond your website, they may return to your website if they’ve abandoned it. Or the user can even become a brand associate indirectly through his shares. 

Collect the email of your user through your website and send highlighted offers personalised for them.

7. Loyalty program for subscribers

Offer attractive perks of discounts or free shipping to your dedicated users. People love receiving anything for free. Freebies do not have to be huge but simple offers for their personalised preference. Rewarding your subscribers and offering them something of value will make them keep coming back. You can also earn free promotions for your websites through referrals from daily users to invite new users.

8. Honest and transparent

It is tough to connect with your users if you operate on a faceless based corporation. Making your website into a transparent one can impart them to build faith on your website. You can do so by uploading a profile of people who work behind the curtains. They can be your content creators or product developers. You can also share their insights on how their vision works for the benefit of your website. 

You can make the consumers understand how they are also helping your website by buying your products. Give them information about what the primary intention of your website is all about. 

9. Be authentic

Try to build your content solely to meet the needs of your consumers. Check the demography of your audience. That way, you can cater to the needs of this particular group. Remember, you cannot please everyone, and you cannot create everything for everyone. The main intention of your website should try to focus only on one prime group.

Do not copycat from different resources and competitive websites just because it’s popular. Sometimes, the authenticity of your website attracts users; however straightforward your content may be. Users are not interested in what’s common, but instead, they are more interested in what you can give as an authentic website.


Try to determine the weak spots on your website. Overlooking those may cost you your traffic. Also, simplify your texts and keep them to a minimum of a thousand words for your content. This simplification will not bore your audience and will get enough information without reading too much.

We hope that your website will be able to connect with your users and boost customers too. Since your website is regarded as the window of your business, always keep it fresh and exciting.