How To Conquer Cyber Monday In 2021?

How To Conquer Cyber Monday In 2021?

2021 will mark the 16th anniversary of the exciting Cyber Monday event. Regardless of the global crisis, e-commerce is here to stay, research has shown that the pandemic has only increased online sales and traffic, new consumers, and more competition too.

Cyber Monday creates a major digital rush and if your store is holding one, then make sure to check your website speed, uptime, and mobile compatibility as well. At Blue Whale Media, we know how vital marketing ideas are for your business when it comes to successfully conquering Cyber Monday.

Devoted Landing Page

By having a devoted landing page that’s connected to your Cyber Monday promos, your customers will have an easier shopping experience. Many people are on the lookout for multiple gifts during the holidays. So, a devoted page offers a stress-free and easier experience, allowing them to instantly find their desired item.

Gift Guides

Most holiday shoppers possess a rough estimate of the amount that they are willing to spend. Here, you need to come up with a proper gift guide, which segments the gifts for every price range. It is important to help them in discovering options at their price point.

Boosting Ad Spend

Competition comes with increased online sales. Begin boosting your ad spend for the year by capitalising on your digital strategies. You can also choose to customise your consumer segments and begin targeting newer customer segments for expanding both your sales and reach.

Time-Sensitive Offers

The biggest appeal of an e-commerce shopping is the control brands have over quantity, costs, and deal management. Cyber Monday is full of last-minute deals with strict time limits and brands will advertise their deals well in advance. This strategy means that you will need to let your customers know now that the deals they want won’t be advertised, allowing them to they can be informed of when the deal goes live.

Anything Exclusive

Cyber Monday is popular because it gives you deals and offers that you normally wouldn’t come across. Hold a 1-day deal that the customers can’t refuse. You have to realise that offers with a limited timeframe bring urgency among the shoppers, while they are already tempted by the discounts.

Bundling Items

When you are hosting Cyber Monday in your store, introduce products to your consumers which they probably wouldn’t have bought. You can do so by selling them in bundles since it enables you to market, generating a long-lasting interest among the buyers.

Online Campaigns

It is crucial to begin cultivating your present consumer community. You will end up delighting your consumer base and also attracting newer followers. Start engaging with your audience. How will I do that? Well, you can encourage them to start using the brand hashtag and even launch giveaways. You should also request them to do promotions and share your content with their family and friends.

Sending Emails

Email marketing will always be a necessity, especially with holiday campaigns. You shouldn’t just email the potential customers on Cyber Monday. But make sure to do it before, during, and also after the event. It excites the customers, and they wait in anticipation for all the deals and promos.