How To Create a Marketing Plan

How To Create a Marketing Plan 

A marketing plan is a summary of everything you plan to do in the hope to improve your business. In today’s blog, I am going to tell you how you can create a social media marketing plan. Within this plan, you should check the current status of your accounts, your future goals and the tools you are going to use to achieve them. 

With every action, you take on social media; it should be apart of your broader social media marketing strategy. This means that everything, including messages, responses, and comments, must be guided by a plan that helps towards the objectives that you have set.

Social media marketing plan

When it comes to a social media marketing plan, it is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve using social media. The things that your plan should include are:

  • Your current social media status of all of your accounts
  • Your social media goals for the near future
  • All of the tools that you are going to use to help you meet those targets.

The more detailed your plan is, the more effective you and your team will be in implementing it. Your plan will guide you on what to do but will also measure your work to see if it was successful or not.

Set goals for your social media

The first thing you should do when creating your marketing plan is to set the goals that you want to achieve. By having these goals will allow you to change and react to your social media if they dont go the way you planned. Without having goals, you have no way to measure how successful any of your campaigns are or your ROI.

Create an audit of social media networks

Before creating your plan, you need to evaluate your current use of social media. This means who is currently in contact with you through your social media channels. What platforms do your target market use and how does your social media presence compare with your competitors. 

When you have done this, you then need to get a clear understanding of each of your companies social media accounts. 

Improve your accounts on social media

When you have finished your social media audit, you need to choose social media networks that best meet your goals and needs. If you have already have created your social media profiles, you need to start making goals and understand your audience. 

If you can optimise your social media platforms for SEO, you can help generate more traffic to your website. By cross-promoting your social media accounts, you can then expand the reach of your content. Your social media platforms must be complete with images and text for social networking.