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How to create a successful social media plan 

Social media is a highly time-consuming marketing strategy that takes a lot of thought and planning. It can prove to be one of the most difficult ways of marketing because it requires breaking through the already crowded digital landscape to become effective. Regardless of what you may think of social media, the hard truth is it’s a must for any business trying to make their way. This blog will give you a social media plan you can put into place in order to make your online marketing efforts more successful.

Know your brand

When creating a business today, you need to go above and beyond just the products and services you offer. The brand you create needs to attract people to your services, your brand is what sets you apart from the rest. To do this it is a good idea to consider all aspects of your business and pick out things that are unique to your business. Once you have defined your brand and know exactly what your plan is for your business you are well on your way to creating excellent content for your social media channels.

Know your audience

Now you have established your brand and have a clear idea of who you want to be and want you want to achieve, you can think about your audiences. You should now be able to look at a more select persona for your audience and focus on what may attract them to your social media pages. Some main things you may want to consider include: age, gender, location, job title, income, most used social media platform.

Know your current social media channels

In order for your social media plan to run smoothly, you need to ensure you know how well you are doing with your current posts and also what is working well and what perhaps isn’t working so well. Some things you may want to keep track of are: which pages are doing well, which posts are performing better than others, who is connecting with you and how frequently are you posting content? It is a good idea to analyse the pages you are posting from and using these as starting points when comparing your results.

Know your competition

It is quite likely your competition may already have their own social media accounts, which means you are able to learn from something they have already done. A competitive analysis enables you to see what works well for them and what may not. It will provide you with even more improvements that you can make to your own social media pages.

Schedule engaging content

Even if your social media plan is strong, it doesn’t mean it will work without any faults whatsoever. You need to make sure the content you are creating is up to scratch and in inline with your brand. It is a good idea to use online tools to schedule your posts. Another idea you could introduce is not only posting images but also incorporating blogs, videos, and clever text to keep you audiences engaged.