8 Ways To Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Imagine having an ecommerce website where you get customers doing their orders only for you to lose out on the sale. Many people end up leaving shopping carts for different reasons. According to Ecommerce Warrington, more significant half of customers go due to unexpected costs such as tax or extra shipping costs. Others end up leaving because they had no intention of buying; instead, they were browsing.

According to the statics, others left because they found the total price more costly compared to what other ecommerce sites charge for similar commodities. Regardless of the cause, leaving a shopping cart before completing the purchase can be minimized by the following eight ways:

Build credibility and increase trust

Exceptionally few customers can be willing to make purchases and share their credit card numbers on a platform that seems fishy. As a retailer; therefore, the best you can do is to gain the confidence of such customers and ensure your site looks trustworthy and credible, especially at the stage where customers are required to make payment.

To achieve credibility issues, the retailer can display customer ratings, testimonial, or truth seals. Moreover, as a retailer minimize adverts on your website as they make the site appear spammy and fake.

Multiple payment options

Some customers do their shopping only to find out that their payment modes are not supported in some of the ecommerce platforms. Even though most customers prefer using credit and debit cards, as a retailer, you may also use alternative options like PayPal. This gives customers a wide range of payment options to choose from.

Be transparent on price

As a retailer, be open on how you arrive on the final costs of products in a customer’s cart. This entails using correct mathematical algorithms in performing the arithmetic involved.

Use chatbots

According to Ecommerce Warrington, a chatbot such as BotEngine on websites are the quickest touchpoints for visitors on your sites. These chatbots can be integrated with live chats for more comfortable and smooth customer experience.

Communicate offers

As a retailer, be keen to highlight and display some of the suggestions you offer to your customers. This should be through web banners that display the offer percentage on the product page. Moreover, include offer countdowns on the website to alert buyers on when the offers will be coming to an end.

Simplify navigation and user interface

Some buyers opt to leave the carts because they cannot locate where to checkout or how to pay for the products shopped. To make it easier, websites should have few links and more straightforward navigation for easier checkout. Keep the navigation clean by availing categories that are easy and quick to identify.

Seamless checkout

Seamless checkout gives users a chance to proceed to check out even as guest users. Some customers feel it is hectic creating accounts with the ever-increasing e-commerce websites. Ecommerce retailers should, therefore, incorporate this option and allow users to shop even without having logged in.

Cart abandonment emails

If someone abandons their cats, there’s always a high chance that you’ve captured their emails. It’s, therefore, better to notify them of the left carts to see if they may prefer coming back to complete their purchases.

The primary reason for employing these measures is to make sure your customers’ shopping experience is as convenient as possible. At Ecommerce Warrington, we offer the best ecommerce platforms that come in handy with some of these measures. Contact us for more on ecommerce software.

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