Tips On How To Effectively Design A Logo

Tips On How To Effectively Design A Logo

The main goal of a logo is to create a unique identity for a brand. It is meant to make the brand and its product(s) instantly recognizable. A good logo also has the power to stick – it stays on in people’s minds and remains relevant despite the onslaught of ever-changing design fads.

How To Create An Effective Logo

Let’s get to the bottom of this question by first exploring the process that goes behind creating a logo.

  • Conducting meetings or charting out questionnaires with the client to create a design brief.
  • Researching the industry, the brand, and competitors. 
  • Studying logos that have been well received and keeping an eye out for design trends. 
  • Creating a logo design concept based on your findings. 
  • Revising and tweaking a logo are inescapable and often prove significant.

The Five Principles of Designing an Effective Logo


The most significant logos are usually ones that avoid clutter. You want your logo to be unexpected, without overdoing it. Take Nike’s logo, for instance. The brand is represented by a simple swoosh that indicates movement – perfect for a sportswear brand.


A distinctive logo catches the eye, but that does not mean it will stick in people’s minds. For that, you want your logo to be interesting enough to be memorable.


It’s tempting to give in to the allure of design fads. However, the rule of thumb for creating an effective logo is to incorporate elements that ensure longevity.


A good logo is versatile enough to work across various platforms and applications – on social media, billboards, business cards, websites, and on both desktops and hand-held devices. You also want your logo to be able to scale any size.


Being appropriate is about choosing colours and symbols that are in line with your brand’s target customer. Notice how brands that cater to babies and kids typically use bright and cheery colours? That’s because it aligns with the likes of their customer base. 

A Logo Is Your Brand’s Identity

A logo does not necessarily sell to customers directly, but it sometimes affects people’s buying decisions. An effective logo captures the essence of a brand and showcases that to the world. It is a representation of what a brand is, the products it sells, and its values.

Tips on Selecting the Right Logo Designer

Choosing a designer that will be able to give life to the ideas in your mind can be challenging. Keep an eye out for things like their design process, experience, testimonials, portfolio, price, affiliations (if any), and their work ethics. Paying attention to the kind of questions they ask will give you an insight into their investment in the project.

The Cost of Hiring a Logo Designer

It is difficult to draw up an exact estimate for hiring a designer because every company is different. The best way to approach this task is to consider factors such as the number of logo concepts you need, estimated number of revisions, research time, and the size of your business.