Lauren's Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media

How to get started with web design

When starting a new website the best way to get started is to find out what kind of website you will be creating such as a bike, phone, holiday and information provider. Once you know what kind of site is going to be made you will then need to know what the pages are going to look like so you will need a template of what is going to be on the pages such as text, images, videos and forms.

After you know what the template is you will need to know how many pages there are going to be for the site. Once you know all this you can then begin to start to input your content starting with your header and footer as they will be globe and will be on every page of your site. 

Then you can start to add sections splitting up the pages to help when it comes to styling later on in the site build. Each section will contain different content for example one could have text and images and another you have a video with a form next to each other.

After you have added in your sections with their content inside you can then start to add CSS styling to make them look different such as you can make it so that some text is smaller than other or change their colours. You can also add animations to certain sections so that when the mouse cursor hovers over them they can spin or change colour.