How to Improve Conversion Rates

As a digital marketing agency, Blue Whale Media understands that conversion rate is probably the biggest metric in the digital marketing world. Conversion rate is simply the percentage or ratio of people who performed a desired action. This can include buying a product, creating an account or signing up to a newsletter. The conversion rate is one of the factors you should be looking at when deciding how successful your marketing is going and whether it could be improved. Let’s delve into how you can improve your conversion rate!

Call to Action

A call to action is self-explanatory – it’s a call from you to your customer/visitor to take a specific action. To improve conversion rates, you should experiment with any calls to action on your website. This can be changing the colour of the button/text, changing the size, the position etc. For example, the website Optimizely managed to increase homepage conversion rates by 27% after changing their call to action text from “Get Started” to “Test It Out.”

Landing Pages

A landing page is the first page of your website a visitor lands on, such as your home page. The job of the landing page, in terms of conversion, is to be able to easily and clearly guide the user in their process of converting. To do this you should experiment with the layout, content, style and functionality. Too much content will make the process of converting seem too complicated or long for the user. The layout may confuse the user and make the process to converting more difficult and complicated, etc. There are many ways the landing page can be changed and manipulated to increase conversion rates.

Get the Right Visitors

Different visitors and audience will behave differently on your website. For example, organic visitors usually spend more time on websites, view more pages and have lower bounce rates compared to visitors that come from paid marketing campaigns. Similarly, returning visitors will browse your website differently compared to new visitors. It is important to design your marketing campaigns and calls to action around these different behaviours.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of testing how effective one webpage is at converting customers compared to another page, both offering the same product/service. With A/B testing software you can direct 50% of incoming traffic to page A and the other 50% to page B. You can then monitor these pages and see which page is converting more customers.

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