How to improve your website's local SEO.

How To Improve Your Website’s Local SEO

Many local businesses strive to be the best in town. As the market becomes more competitive day after day, local business owners work hard and sweat to keep up. Having a reliable website built by the best web designers in St Helens will allow users and customers to know you elevates your business. We believe that improving your website local SEO not only requires working hard but smart work as well. 

And by working smart, we mean keeping your local website updated. To do so, follow these steps to rank your business on Google according to our local SEO experts in St Helens.

Take the weed out of your company listings.

Weeds can be such a nuisance because it affects the healthy growth of the vegetables or flowers. What do you do in such a case? You clean out the weeds from the surroundings of your precious produce. Likewise, you have to spot duplicate listings and get rid of them to ensure your business’s healthy growth. 

We know that it can get complicated to recognize all the duplicate listings in connection to your business. However, a myriad of SEO management tools is available to guide you. Find a list of the essential tools that will help you identify and do away with duplicate listings: 

  • Yext 
  • Moz Local
  • Local SEO Checklist
  • SEMrush
  • Advice Local

Manage Landing Pages 

Create location landing pages on your homepage, content and directories etc., to increase rankings and conversions. Google or other search engine sites suggest relatable locations to your website. However, you can have your unique area that attracts search engine sites by managing SEO landing pages. 

Be mindful of using appropriate area details of your business, such as address or street numbers. You can also provide famous landmarks near you. We believe that you can optimize SEO landing pages more by providing links in your content or article.

Prioritize the reliability of your website, including your NAP specifics on all pages. It would help best if you use the exact details on all pages to maintain a user-friendly experience.

Local SEO Listings & Management Tools

Having an updated business website and consistent listings boosts SEO and thereby attract users or potential customers. Focusing on improving your business SEO and listings not only helps you rank on SERPs but get maximum sales. 

We have mentioned a few of the tools above for duplicate listings, which can also help you manage other SEO features such as local rank tracking, pricing etc. Check out some more basic additional SEO listings and management tools: 

  • Whitespark 
  • GeoRanker
  • ReviewTrackers
  • Neustar/Localeze
  • BrightLocal 

You can also make sensible use of the Google My Business (GMB) account for your business visibility along with these tools. 

Never miss out on Reviews!

Reviews will and can take your business up to the next level. We cannot underestimate the value that comments can bring to the table. We all know that most users always check if the website got five stars or at least enough stars. Positive and honest reviews improve your ranking and build users’ trust. 

Emphasize thanking encouraging feedbacks or responding even to negative feedbacks, asking them how you can serve them better. We also suggest you give valuable details to questions asked on reviews. Incorporating the methods to keep your website updated, visible and attract users. 

Main Keywords and Content 

Tell me about one business website that is not working on creating more traffic. Using your main keywords on title tags, headlines and URLs etc., will help you get more traffic and eventually get to the top ranking. You will have a lot of competition in the market, especially when big companies take over the head keywords. However, make optimum use of head-tail and long-tail keywords to attract all users and specific customers. 

Make sure to add the target keywords to your location landing pages. 

Adding keywords and phrases in your content related to your business improve location-specific performance. Provide keyword links in your article or blogs that direct to relevant location landing pages. 

Building Links

We are sure that you will have several networks and supporters. Any business maintains a partnership with others or at least gets acquainted for collaborations. You can check your connections and contact those co-partners you know will support when you request backlinks. Backlinks can get maximum users and promotions for your website. 

Use the relationship-building strategy with other relatable local businesses. It helps you greatly in ranking and getting reliable users when you get backlinks from high-quality business websites. 

Social Media

Get influential and visible by introducing your services or products through social media. You can add videos and images relevant to your business that will make you seen. Using ALT text or schema markup tools on the photos or videos improves SEO landing pages. Your presence in social media increases brand development and attract customers. 

Imagine the different groups of people that you can attract just because of your social media presence. According to research, people spend 144 minutes on social media daily. Also, search engine sites can grab your information from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram that will increase your ranking. 

We are aware that people share videos or images if it attracts them. So, using attractive and attention-grabbing videos or pictures will get you a gazillion marketers for your company. 


We believe that being consistent and adapting to changes is vital to improving your website local SEO. However, taking one step at a time and using the strategic methods mentioned above increases branding, sales and ranking. 

We know that developing and designing a website effectively needs time and effort. Nonetheless, you can build your business leverage with the precision use of links, reviews or managing SEO landing pages. There will be other businesses and competitors with websites that have a high SEO presence. What matters is your focus on improving your vision and mission by keeping your website profile up-to-date and going.