How to improve your eCommerce store ready for Christmas

How to improve your eCommerce store ready for Christmas

For online shopping sites, Christmas is a great time to get those extra sales. This is why it is so essential to make sure your store is ready for one of the busiest times of the year. If you don’t know where to start to take some time to read this blog to find out the best way to increase your sales over the holidays.

Let people know what your delivery times are

It is always a good idea to let people who come onto your eCommerce site know what your delivery time is like. This shows people that you are active over Christmas and it also stops them from messaging you, asking when their parcel will arrive.

This can be done by adding a temporary message to your website. There are a number of places where you can put this message, but it is best placed where all your customers will see it on your website designed by London website designers. So the best place might be under your web slider/banner. Make sure you don’t forget to inform your customers if any of your delivery times change to keep them up to date.

Have a welcoming Christmas message on your site

By having a Christmas banner or even changing a few icons to Christmas related items will make your website have a festive feel when people come on to your site. 

This is a straightforward and easy thing to do. You can use a platform like Canva to design a festive banner if you dont have a graphics team. Canva has a range of templates that you can use to so you can add your own branding on the template.

Create a Christmas promotion

Christmas promotions are a great way to boost your sales over the holiday. If you are not doing one, your competitors certainly are. Here are a few ways to create offers on your site;

  • Creating a coupon – By doing this, you will be able to see how many times the coupon is used. We have done this to keep track of where our social media sales
  • Offer Free shipping – If you charge people for shipping, try offering free or discounted shipping.
  • Buy one get one free 

Create a gift ideas section

We know it can be difficult for people to find the right gift for that special someone. This is why it is a great idea to promote gifts for him and her. This is easy to do. All you have to is add a stack to your homepage that contains a selection of recommended products. This just doesn’t make it clear that your site is ready for Christmas, but it makes it easier for people to find the perfect gift.

Don’t stop there

While Christmas is busy get a head start of the competition ready for next year. You can use these methods all year round as long as they stick to a theme such as Valentines Day, Easter or even Halloween.