How you can increase sales and conversions using Facebook Ads

How To Increase Sales With Facebook Ads

The advertising platform of Facebook is often seen as an instant money-making tool by many novices. But in reality, this is far from the truth because Facebook advertisement takes a lot of planning, strategy, and hard work to bring in actual profits.

But once we cross this stage, it is needless to say that this platform can help several businesses and organisations to increase their customer count, followed by genuine profits.

If one is interested in using Facebook Ads to increase sales, here we have compiled some tips that can help one get started the right way.

Make sure to have a good digital window for your products.

What this means is that a majority of the people will do window shopping “digitally.”  According to surveys, most of these people (roughly 70%) do online shopping through smartphones.

Knowing this information, we have to ensure that the ads are optimised to attract customers at first sight and to maintain their interest once that is done.

Facebook is a great platform for marketing due to its high popularity, and so it also offers great ad types like Canvas, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, etc.

For multiple products display, try the Carousel Ad.

The carousel ad allows us to have many products displayed in a single ad by using carousel cards, which users can swipe or scroll along to check out the displayed products.

If the ad needs to have more than one product, service, or story featured, this Carousel Ad is the perfect option to execute it. Keep in mind that we can only add a maximum of 10 pictures and videos. “call-to-action” buttons will also follow these items. 

This means that if a user clicks on the displayed image, video, etc., then they get directed to the page from where they can buy your products.

Compared to single type images or video ads, a carousel ad usually has more engaging qualities and can make users spend more time on the ad. It may seem like extra work, but to increase sales, this is one of the best methods.

Utilizing Slideshow Ads

The Slideshow Ad of Facebook is among the formats that companies use less frequently. However, it can still greatly increase the strength of a campaign by compiling separate images of a product in one video.

This type of ad is best only after the target customers visit the page for the displayed product. A creative image slideshow on the product website followed by the testimonial part of Reminders, Testimonials, and Messenger (RTM) is one of the best methods to increase sales through Slideshow Ads of Facebook.

Using the Facebook Pixel Tool for proper audience targeting

Facebook Pixel is a handy measurement tool that can track the activity of customers on your website. After installing the tool to the chosen website, Facebook Pixel (a piece of JavaScript code) will track the audiences’ activity on the web. It effectively makes it simpler to measure, improve, and shape the customer base for the campaign that it’s used for and also tracks conversations that we may find from Facebook ads.

This tool can easily help understand the customers, and it can also aid to retarget the users for various products that they may have browsed before. It can also help us understand different types of customers and shoppers to optimise the ads efficiently.

All in all, the Facebook Pixel helps in various ways, and to start it off, we need to go to and in the main page, find the tab that says “Business Manager” and on its menu, pick “Pixels,” and click the “Create a Pixel” tab to make a Facebook Pixel. Once a name is set for the Pixel, we can then choose “Create Pixel” and add it to the online store by copy-pasting its code to the website header.

Generating interests in product features by using Facebook Video Ads

In recent times, videos are one of the most popular types of ads, and as such, Facebook Video Ads is among the prevalent content. 

The reason for its popularity is that videos can grab the attention of the audience and hold it for more engagement. Therefore, if we use videos for advertising products, it’s safe to say that we can get ahead of our rivals who use only pictures or slideshows for their product marketing.

To use the Facebook Video Ad, find the Ads option of the campaign, find the ad draft and edit it. Following this step, find the “Create Ad” option and make sure to pick the option that allows the ad to have an image or video and choose the video that you need to add. Once we complete the rest of the process, the video ad will be ready to go and attract customers.

Keep in mind that the single video setup lets us use a core video as the creative. One of the most popular types of videos for digital marketing is the product explainer video.

Using Canvas or Collection Ads

The Canvas Ad from Facebook lets us make an immersive full-screen experience for customers by using videos and pictures. When a customer clicks on the ad, Canvas will open in full screen on the user’s device, which they can then swipe in different directions or zoom in and out to experience the narrative of the ad fully. The creatives of Canvas can consist of both images and videos followed by links to respective landing pages, call-to-action options, multiple ads, and headlines.

Meanwhile, the Collection Ad of Facebook allows us to add products right below the video, slideshow, or image. Once a user clicks on it, the ad will forward them to the landing page, and there they can further browse the advertised product and purchase it. 

Keep in mind that the images, videos, or slideshows displayed need to have the specified item below featured clearly.