The Facebook Boost Post Button: How to Use it and Get Results

The Facebook Boost Post Button: How to Use it and Get Results

A boosted post on Facebook is ads that you create from posts on your page. By boosting a post you may be able to get more people to react, share and comment on it. It is a great way to avoid a decline in your post reach. It will guarantee that your content will be seen by the right people if you are targeting the right people. Businesses spend a lot of time sharing content on their Facebook page, but they might not be seeing any increase in engagement or growth of the page. This is why the Facebook boost feature can be a good investment for your business. In this blog, we discuss the benefits, how to use, and how to get the most out of the Facebook boost feature.


Boosting a post is easy to do and can provide great results to your Facebook page. These results you get are often worth the small fee you pay to Facebook. There are plenty of good reasons to use this feature on Facebook and why it is beneficial:

  1. Makes up for declining organic reach
  2. You can reach a wider audience
  3. It is easy to use
  4. You have control 
  5. You have access to the analytics 

Facebook boost post features

The content which is posted is completely up to you to decide. You can boost almost anything you want. This could be an announcement, promotion or call-to-action. From this, you will be focused on three main variables which are; the audience, the budget and the duration of the ad. You are able to set parameters for who will see your boosted post, including things like their age, location, likes and dislikes. You have control of how much you spend on these posts and you can set budgets to ensure you are not exceeding this. You are also able to have full control over how long your ad is on for.

Boosting costs

Like any form of social media advertising, Facebook boosted posts cost money. Instead of paying per ad placement, or paying per click, you’ll be setting your own budget, therefore you can pay as much or as little as you wish. The lowest amount you can pay is £1 per day, so if you ran an ad for 5 days at £1 per day you would only be spending £5 in total. Although, the more you spend on an ad the more of a reach you will get, meaning more interaction and engagement with your Facebook page. For each budget level, Facebook provides you with an estimated reach. It is a good idea to experiment with these different variables and see for yourself how much reach you may get from a certain budget.
  1. How to boost a post
  2. >In order to boost a post follow these steps:
  3. 1.Choose a post to boost
  4. 2.Target your audience
  5. 3.Set your budget
  6. 4.Set the boost duration
  7. 5.Preview the post
  8. 6.Select your payment option
  9. 7.Boost
A boosted Facebook post has the power to help you reach thousands of people who might never otherwise hear of your brand. If you want to get the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign, whether it’s attracting new followers or getting more traffic to your site, it is one of the best tools to use.