How To Make Your Website Stand Out

A good web design agency is worth every penny you spend when it comes to designing a website to sell your product or service. When designed correctly there is almost a guaranteed return of investment. It is becoming increasingly popular nowadays to design your own website through platforms such as By doing this you’re more than likely using themes that have been used before and will be getting used time and time again, even by your competitors. Not only will sites look aesthetically pleasing when coming to a design agency, but more SEO friendly and responsive.

Content Is King

When it comes to building a website, it’s not all about how it looks and its aesthetic values. The production of quality content is becoming ever more important as it is a key feature of why your website will shoot up the search engines. There is no point having a great looking website if nobody will see it. Therefore, well-written content which is SEO optimised is key for any website. Blogging is another technique which helps websites with the search engines rankings.

Social Media Presence

Another great way of getting your site found is giving it a social media presence. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all social media platforms that will be great for getting traffic onto your site. When using social media to attract customers, don’t send out spam posts as people won’t want to do business with you. Posts that actually have a call to action are more likely to achieve a sale. Social media is a good way of reflecting you businesses personality which then can be integrated within your site to show live social feeds.

Mobile Friendly And Responsive

Google recent changes to SEO have made people aware that a Mobile responsive is more effective in the search rankings. This is due to a lot more people using mobiles in order to search the web. This, therefore, makes having a mobile responsive site crucial as people visiting your site won’t stay on if your website doesn’t work. This will leave your site with a high bounce rate creating higher percentages of visitors leaving your site with any engagement to it.


As already mentioned SEO is a crucial part of your site and keep on top of this is just as important. Keeping up with this will help you shape and mould your SEO strategy. Analytics allows you to examine where your traffic comes from and what keywords are effective showing you what people are typing into the search engines.

Graphics and Branding

I have already mentioned a lot about the SEO side of website designing but with that, the website also needs to show your brand and image in the right way. It’s all good getting your site to be found but when they do they need to be blown away and impressed. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

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