How To Refocus Your Marketing Strategy At The End Of The Year

How To Refocus Your Marketing Strategy At The End Of The Year

The final quarter of the year is fast approaching us, which signals a time for self-reflection, as well as celebration. For your brand, this means it’s time to sit down and think about what the coming year means for you and your business. Specifically, this is the perfect time to analyse your marketing strategy, and figure out what did and didn’t work in the past, and plan what kind of adjustments to make for the future.

Get the Latest News From Your Industry

Most importantly, you need to know what’s happening in your industry right now. Instead of throwing out strategies against the wall and seeing what sticks you need to specifically know what your industry is looking for and what it needs. From this, you can plan your marketing strategy around your industry specifically, rather than throwing campaigns out blindly and having to guess what your audience is looking for from your brand.

You will also want to keep tabs on your competitors as well. Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and knowing what your competitors are doing can give you a bout of inspiration for how to change up your own strategies for the coming year.

Run Through Your Objectives Again

Did you manage to—or are you on track to—meet your objectives for the year? Did you make any at all? Take a look at your objectives and what they did or didn’t accomplish. If some of them didn’t turn out the way you expected, whether this be because you didn’t meet them or the payoff wasn’t what you were expecting, adjust your objectives for the coming year. Consider if your objects are focused enough, are relevant to your overall marketing strategy, and have a timeframe to meet them. These are the keys of effective objectives that can be realistically achieved.

See if Your Brand Needs a Refresh

Is that typeface you picked really not tickling your fancy like it did back then? Was using the pantone shade of the year a good idea at the time, but now makes your brand look a bit dated? Look over all your brand and marketing assets and see if it’s time for a change. This is where taking a step back and trying to take the mindset of your audience is extremely valuable. Does your brand make you want to learn more about your company? Does it give off the exact image your company needs? Does it stand out against your competitors? If the answer to any of these is no, it might be time for a full brand refresh.

Get a Second Opinion

Arguably, a second opinion is one of the most important things you can do, and can let you see oversights in your strategy you might have missed alone. Sit down with everyone that impacts your marketing strategy and get as many opinions as you can on it and how it could be better improved. Any opinion can be valuable, especially in a creative context, and someone throwing out what seems like a spur-of-the-moment idea might become the foundation for your future marketing campaigns.

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