How to Sell More to People Who Want to Buy Now

How to Sell More to People Who Want to Buy Now

Knowing how to sell online can be daunting. You have to figure out what are the best products to sell and where to source them from.

In this blog, I will give you a guide on how to:

  • Work out a strategy for selling online
  • Sell through your store, a marketplace like Amazon and social media
  • Find products to sell online
  • Attract customers and turn browsers into buyers

I will also go through what you need to start selling online. If you are worried about it being too technical, take too long, or it will be too expensive, don’t worry I will go through this here.

Choosing how to sell online

Figuring out how to sell online can be overwhelming. We are here to help you to find the right choice for so you can start selling online. Here are the top four ways to sell online:

  • Ecommerce store builders like Shopify
  • WordPress with the WooCommerce Extension
  • Marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and eBay
  • Social media sites like Facebook

What you need to remember is that you don’t have to choose between them. You can sell across multiple platforms without hiring more people to manage them. 

Ecommerce store builders and web developers in Manchester have apps that allow you to integrate your online selling with amazon, Facebook and anything else you need. Linking your online site with your social media or marketplace can be done with a click of a button. This is for when a customer visits your Facebook page; they will see the products that are listed on your site.

Selling on your eCommerce site

By running your store is the best way to sell online because you are in complete control. You get to decide the look and feel of your store and how your products are presented. This makes you not vulnerable to external factors. Such as algorithm updates.

An algorithm update means a platform like Facebook has changed how it decides which pages and content to favour. This can be a challenge for anyone who sells on the internet.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The abandoned cart gives you the chance to send an email to customers who have reached the checkout page have left their order. This can be due to a few reasons. By having the abandoned cart recovery, you can remind them that they went and give them a chance to purchase their order without filling out all the details again.

Mobile Responsive

Nearly 50% of people have purchased an order online with their mobile phone or device. So by your eCommerce, being responsive is so essential today. This is why eCommerce platforms work in your favour by being designed to work on mobile devices. So now it doesn’t matter how big your customer’s screen is, browsing and buying products will be so much easier.